First launched (or relaunched rather) in July 2017, Bandai created a new TCG series based on the Dragon Ball Super series which debuted two years before. Modeled after Bandai’s Naruto TCG playing wise, the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game provides players with new cards featuring artwork related to its namesake.

Dragon Ball Super TCG is a 2017 relaunch of the 2008 Dragon Ball TCG, it is produced by Carddass and licensed by Bandai. The English language version of the game is out now.

Editor’s Note: A Dragon Ball Super TCG Union Force promotional kit was provided by Carddass to support this coverage. 

Individual booster packs featured in the ‘Super’ TCG.

When I was a kid they had trading card games for damn near every IP under the sun from the obvious like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon, to the more obscure like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Austin Powers, and even Spongebob Squarepants. If you could think of a semi-popular series it more than likely had a TCG at some period during it’s life. Dragon Ball is no different, having gone through multiple incarnations and revamps the Dragon Ball series is back in the TCG game thanks to Dragon Ball Super and it’s already selling like crazy with barely a year of production.

Super rare cards are fashioned in awesome holographic art based on scenery from the anime.

So the rules for Dragon Ball Super TCG might be better suited for those who were fans of Naruto TCG and for those that aren’t familiar with the latter then things may get a bit confusing. There’s three card types: Leader, Battle, and Extra. Leader cards are placed on the field first from your deck, battle cards are cards that fill your team to deal damage to your opponent, whereas extra cards are essentially add-ons to aide the player. Most leader cards have a transformation phase (on the opposite side of the cards) akin to the series to give players an edge during a tight spot. Combos from support units are provided through combining side numbers with the bottom number of your card with the highest points.

The Dragon Ball Super TCG playsheet.

There’s a lot of complex rules to the game, but once you get the hang of things it can be a fun time killer. The main fun of the game however is collecting rare cards to add to your collection. The dual sided leader carders is a neat idea I think more TCG should implement and the holographic art is beautiful. I’m not entirely sure how popular the Dragon Ball Super TCG is overseas (there have been set sellouts here in America and consistent price spiking), but tournaments are held countrywide so odds are you could find at least a few people interested enough in playing if you’re invested.


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