Summer Wars comes to home media in a new collector’s edition set on Blu-Ray. From director Mamoru Hosoda, who just recently released the acclaimed The Boy and the Beast earlier this year, Summer Wars follows the story of Kenji Koiso, a young man accused of hacking a virtual reality world after coming to the town Ueda.


Summer Wars is an 2009 anime science fiction film, it is produced by Madhouse, and distributed by WB Pictures. It is currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Another Hosoda masterpiece.

Another Hosoda masterpiece.

Editor’s Note: This review will be treated and written as a first time viewing.

If there’s any one work people will be able to recognize from Mamoru Hosoda, it’ll most likely be Summer Wars. With tons of fan art and tributes, the film has become a bit of a meme within the anime community since its release in 2009. The great story telling and action of Summer Wars became a testament to Hosoda’s future as an original IP creator, and launched his career into a new direction.

Summer Wars is the marquee entry into Hosoda's career as an original IP creator.

Summer Wars is the marquee entry into Hosoda’s career as an original IP creator.

THE GOOD: Summer Wars is one of the first Hosoda creations to garner him attention within the anime industry as a household name. Featuring a well written scientific plot and excellently animated action sequences, Summer Wars holds a place in the hearts of many anime fans. Character development throughout the film is explored well throughout the hour plus run of the film, which is something of a common element in Hosoda’s works.

Heavy character development in Summer Wars makes for another Hosoda classic.

Heavy character development in Summer Wars.

THE BAD: Nothing in particular.

A rich scientific world crafted by Hosoda.

A rich scientific world crafted by Hosoda.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Summer Wars, though originally released in 2009, still holds up a great deal some seven years later. If anyone skipped out on the original release, the new Hosoda Collection set is the perfect opportunity to get on board with a timeless anime classic. Otaku Dome gives Summer Wars Hosoda Collection an 86 out of 100.


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