Steel Series’ latest headset for gaming focuses on PC  & Playstation gaming with the Siberia 350. Launching sometime next month (April 12th), the Siberia 350 is one of the more affordable quality produced headsets coming out this year.  Featuring noise cancellation, a retractable mic, and several colors, the Siberia 350 will provide comfort for budget gamers looking for a fairly decent headset to chat with.


The Steel Siberia 350 is an 2016 gaming headset, it is produced by Steel Series, and releases on April 12, 2016.

The Siberia 350 out of box.

The Siberia 350 out of box.

I’m not much of a gaming hardware guy, but when I do see a headset I like, I’ll try to get my hands on it. One of the most impressive things about the Siberia 350 is obviously the price point range, especially when comparing it to the most recent headset releases within the last several months, which can rank up to a few hundred dollars. However, at $120, the Siberia 350 is easily one of the more attractive looking headsets if you’re not looking for multiple consoles to use it with.

Lightweight, noise cancelling, and affordable.

Lightweight, noise cancelling, and affordable.

THE GOOD: At the retail price of $119.99, the Steel Series Siberia 350 is a good headset with great quality. Featuring a retractable microphone, and keeping outside noise from getting in, it’s great for streamers and those trying to concentrate while playing online. And it’s even better for those looking for inexpensive headsets that are for general and advanced gaming uses.

The 350 retractable mic.

The 350 retractable mic.

THE BAD: Only supports PC and Playstation 4.

A great headset for a great price is hard to come by, but the Siberia 350 is just that.

A great headset for a great price is hard to come by, but the Siberia 350 is just that.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Steel Series Siberia 350 is a great gaming headset that’s on a more affordable price for budget gamers in the market for a good headset.  The lightweight feel and fantastic features puts the Siberia 350 in competition with the pricier releases within the last few months. Unfortunately, Xbox One owners will have to try looking elsewhere due to PC/PS4 support only. Otaku Dome gives the Steel Series Siberia 350 an 87 out of 100.

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