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WWE has a new mobile game for smartphones with a heavy emphasis on tapping, and believe or not, it actually is kind of fun mindlessly tapping on your smartphone’s screen for what feels like hours. In WWE Tap Mania there is no title shots, WrestleMania main event, or what have you. Just some fun RPGing and tapping, lots, and lots of tapping.

WWE Tap Mania is a 2017 mobile RPG, it is developed by The Tap Lab and published by SEGA. It is available on smartphones and tablets.

Core gameplay of Tap Mania.

If you’re a WWE fan whom also just so happens to love tapping on touch screens (for whatever reason), then WWE Tap Mania is definitely for you. It’s full of both of those aspects with a bit of RPG elements to widen it’s limitations in gameplay. In Tap Mania you play as a created character and WWE Superstars as you tap your way to victory using in-game currency to upgrade your party.

Your Tap Mania party.

THE GOOD: At the very least there is some fun to be had playing Tap Mania if you don’t mind consistently tapping your screen nonstop. As you play you face enemies one after another in an endless gauntlet of source until you face a boss which usually ends up being a member of the WWE roster. Like any gacha style mobile game before it you can unlock new cards either through certain task or using real money, in-game currency is used to level up characters, and you’ll get a ton of it as you defeat enemies, so it never feels like too much of a slow down period.

Your deck.

THE BAD: Not really much else to Tap Mania beyond the core gameplay, though this can be changed with content updates.

A Tap Mania boss fight.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While it can be fun WWE Tap Mania is currently lacking in content, that’s perhaps it’s biggest issue above all else. With so many licensed gacha games out, Tap Mania feels like a a limited option appealing only to WWE fans for the time being.




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