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WWE has released perhaps one it’s greatest titles to date in WWE Supercard, a new collectible card battle game similar in vein to Yu-Gi-Oh. Only instead of monsters we’re using WWE Superstars, Divas, and Legends, and it’s a hell of an addictive good time.



WWE Supercard is a 2014 mobile card battle game, it is developed by Cat Daddy Games & published by 2k. It is available on IOS and Android devices.


If you’re a WWE fan or just a fan of card battle games, WWE Supercard is an excellent game for you. It acts as any other card battle game, where as you can use special cards to give your card special abilities or stats upgrades. Along the way you get powerful and low level cards each time you win or lose a match.

An example of a fight in Supercard taking place.

An example of a fight in Supercard taking place.


THE GOOD: Pretty much everything about Supercard is good, it’s an enjoyable as hell game to play even if you aren’t a WWE fan in particular. It’s fun seeing your favorite WWE Superstars come up on the screen when you’re picking your card (2 for a victory, 1 for a loss). Winning takes precise strategy and depends on the stats of your cards. Whichever player who has the highest stat designated for the match is victorious.

WWE Supercard in action.

WWE Supercard in action.


You can train your cards to becoming even more powerful by sacrificing weaker level cards in order to level up those you choose to use in your deck. For example you can upgrade the four stats of a Rare John Cena by sacrificing or training him with an Common Zack Ryder & Uncommon Sheamus. You can also use item cards which are essentially weapons, such as chairs and ladders to increase your stats or decrease your opponent’s stats.

A card making it's "entrance".

A card making it’s “entrance”.


THE BAD: It’s addictive as hell, and I can imagine it only getting worse for those who actually are WWE fans. There’s also the occasionally slow ups and network time outs, but it’s no big deal and really depends on your connection more than anything else.

How a mark works in Supercard.

How a mark works in Supercard.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: While WWE Supercard is aimed at WWE fans, it can most certainly be enjoyed by anyone. It’s fun seeing your favorite wrestlers in card form come across your screen as the battle it out. The game is amazingly addictive and that may not be the best thing for WWE fans, but there are some hiccups such as slow downs and connection time outs.

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