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Episode three of TellTale’s acclaimed The Walking Dead is shaping up the final events for this season, including one which might see a familiar pair re-imagined come season’s end and at the start of season three.


In Harm’s Way is the third episode of the second season in TellTale’s episodic The Walking Dead. It is developed and published by TellTale Games. It is available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, and IOS.


Warning: This review includes complete to near complete spoilers for In Harm’s Way. If you haven’t played this episode yet, then please avoid this review until having done so. You have been warned folks.


Episode Three provided what may have been an early finish to one of it’s better characters come the closing moments of In harm’s Way. However, a new villain may be right under our noses without having realized it. Overall In Harm’s Way was another excellent chapter in to Clementine’s story and fantastic progress into character development.

Carver bringing the hurt.

Carver bringing the hurt.


THE GOOD: In Harm’s Way takes off where the climatic second episode left us with Clementine and gang forced against their wills to head back to Carver’s hut. The gang must struggle to find a way to escape his grasp before he’s able to deal anymore damage. They come up with a plan to use the roof in their holding area to grab walkie talkies. However, they are quickly found out by Carver including Luke who was planning a sneak attack of sorts.

Clementine and new comer Bonnie.

Clementine and new comer Bonnie.


Clementine’s character development has been one of the most exciting things to have come out of season 2.  From her decisions players can make to those pre determined by the game itself, Clem has been on one hell of a ride. I have to admit it was a bit tough seeing Clementine watch Kenny beat the unholy hell out of Carve during the closing moments of the episode. It;ll be interesting to see what becomes of Clementine at the end of season five, here’s hoping Clementine will return for season 3.

RIP Reggie.

RIP Reggie.


THE BAD:  Some choices didn’t seem to effect much for the most part.

Carver staring down Clementine.

Carver staring down Clementine.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: Fantastic character development with Clementine puts “In Harm’s Way” in a speeding pace towards the end of season 2. And we may have gotten a early glimpse of what’s to come of Clementine come episode 5. Some great moments with Kenny, Sarah, and Luke were provided throughout most of the episode. Admittedly this episode seemed to lack in overall choice effectiveness, but it was another stellar job by TellTale.

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  1. CONOR says:

    an ok game 6/10 :mj

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