Overall score 95

Released back in 2015 for the Playstation Vita, Superbeat: Xonic was a rhythm game featuring songs of various genres from techno and R&B to Korean Pop and Rock. It was a great rhythm game and I enjoyed it quite a bit when playing it on the Playstation TV. You can check out my review of the original Vita version here. Now, the game is available on PS4 and Xbox One for even more rhythm game fans to enjoy.

THE GOOD: Controls for Superbeat: Xonic aren’t much different from what they were on the Playstation Vita. I still find it to easy to get into thanks to the multiple ways of playing the game. Starting off simple with the game’s 4 Trax option which features two directional buttons and face buttons, along with sticks. Then there’s 6 Trax and 6 Trax FX, which add a couple more buttons into the mix. I liked this style of difficulty in the DJMAX games and continue to like it in Superbeat: Xonic. While 4 Trax is the easier difficulty, there are some hard songs to play, but it’s a nice option to have so that newcomers don’t feel overwhelmed with the high level stuff.

Speaking on controls, one improvement I liked with the move to PS4 and Xbox One is with how easy it is to change up how you play each song. Changing things like your equipment and modifiers were all tied to the Vita touch screen. Even when in use through a PSTV, these changes couldn’t be done with buttons. Now that this game is featured on a platform without touch features, the ability to use buttons to change up these things just feels much better to me. It was a minor thing in the Vita version and not many will even realize how much of a difference it is. For me, personally, it was something I was really looking forward to when I heard the game was making the jump to console.

Just like with controls, there aren’t much differences in general from this version of the game compared to the original, other than what comes with the platform jump. Better visuals overall, and the game feels like it runs better too. Was hard to jump back into the mix after a long hiatus, but I feel like I’m having more fun with the game this time around. New songs were added as well, including some that were DLC on Vita, so fans from the original game have some new jams to play out to. Certain songs from the original game did get removed, which shows that this is not entirely the same exact experience in some parts. One thing that I did like returning was the price. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are budget priced at $39.99, the same price as the Vita, so you’re not paying some extra premium just cause the game is now on console.

THE BAD: While I don’t find the game being entirely the same a bad thing, I did have some hopes for at least something new to get added. Maybe something like an online mode or a playlist mode, something other than songs that wasn’t available on the handheld. A minor complaint, but I was slightly disappointed that nothing was added with the jump to a better machine. Since the overall experience is almost entirely the same, I feel like there isn’t much motivation for owners of the original Vita version to double dip.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Superbeat: Xonic continues to be a great rhythm game and holds up quite nicely on PS4 and Xbox One. It looks better and feels like it runs better too. However, those who’ve already played the Vita version might have a hard time finding much reason to invest in the game again, since not much has changed other than songs getting added and removed. Still a worthwhile experience though, no matter the version you do choose to get. Highly recommended to those out there looking for a great rhythm experience on consoles.

Editor’s Note: Review is based on the PS4 version of game, which was provided digitally by the publisher.

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