Overall score 95

Kingdom Hearts is slowly making it’s way across every gaming platform, and this time it comes to iOS and Android phones. Featuring a created character, new worlds, and the great KH combat we love, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X gives players the fun that makes the series so special in the palm of their hands.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is an 2016 Western Port of the 2013 mobile game Kingdom Hearts X. It is currently available on iOS and Android.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X gameplay.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X gameplay.

Having played basically every game in the franchise to come to the states, I was glad to hear Square was bringing the fairly popular mobile entry to the US. With a few expected changes for mobile. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X never feels too new or confusing to veteran players of the series, and feels comfortable enough for newcomers to jump into the series. Unfortunately, there’s microtransactions, but they’re never obnoxious enough to the point where the game tries make you believe that you have to use them.

The character development menu in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

The character development menu in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

THE GOOD: In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, you play a key blade wielder created by you. After the initial gameplay introduction you traverse yourself across multiple worlds defeating bosses, like in the main game, but this time around they’re known as raid bosses. Thus meaning, other characters can aide you in the fight. The game’s main story takes place before Birth by Sleep, but is connected to Kingdom Hearts III. New worlds, including a Snow White world, breathes fresh life into the franchise.

A boss fight in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

A boss fight in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

THE BAD: Microtransactions are present, but they aren’t obnoxious like in some mobile titles.

A good way to kill time.

A good way to kill time.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is an fantastic waiting game for the release of 2.8 later this year. Featuring new worlds, fairly good character development, new worlds, and the core Kingdom Hearts gameplay working pretty well on mobile devices, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will give fans and newcomers a fun time for several minutes or several hours.


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