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Doom returns in a brand new modern reboot of a classic FPS. In the 2016 entry, Doom puts players in the hands of the Doom Slayer, imprisoned by demons after his initial rampage in Hell. Now guided by Union Aerospace Corporation Director, Samuel Hayden, the Doom Slayer is once again out to kick some demon ass. Though it under performed and received a negative reaction to its beta, Doom has become a clear example of not judging a game by its earlier incarnation.


Doom is an 2016 FPS, it is developed by ID Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

A beautiful return for a beautiful classic.

A beautiful return for a beautiful classic.

Doom has come and gone many times before the 2016 entry, some returns had ups and others had downs, however the latest attempt is looking like a true start to a revival of the beloved first-person shooter franchise. As the Doom Slayer, you kill demons in multiple ways from physical melee to weaponry you find along the way in classic Doom fashion and it’s incredibly well done.

Hell returns to video games with a vengeance.

Hell returns to video games with a vengeance.

THE GOOD: Doom’s latest entry brings everything back to square one in a successful return to form, with high quality visuals, fast paced action in its gameplay, and actually getting players invested enough to want to continue its campaign. One of the most fun things about Doom was finding new weapons as you traversed the level, this returns in the new game in a similar fashion. While very reminiscent of the titles of old, that’s not to say that Doom 2026 is lacking in originality as this game introduces new finishers known as Glory Kills which lets players kill demons in certain animations that are extremely pleasing to pull off.

Doom's gameplay in action.

Doom’s gameplay in action.

THE BAD: Multiplayer isn’t all that impressive out of box.

Welcome back Doom.

Welcome back Doom.

OVERALL THOUGHT: Doom brings back the classic shooter in ways imaginable and hopefully this new direction will lead to a more permanent stay. Though multiplayer isn’t as satisfying from the start, the campaign is one of the best FPS campaign experiences you’ll ever have.

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