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After years of content produced by the first game Destiny’s sequel Destiny 2 is out, and after several months of time with both the console and PC version of the game it’s time for our review. While Destiny 2 looks to expand upon the problems of the first including limited story, it also created controversy with its shaders.

Destiny 2 is a 2017 action, game, it is developed by Bungie, and published by Activision. It is currently available on PC and console.

Destiny is back and somewhat better than ever.

Editor’s Note: PS4 & PC review codes for Destiny 2 was provided by Activision.

The hit follow-up to Bungie’s Halo gets a sequel in Destiny 2. One of the biggest complaints of the original title was what felt like a lack of genuine story content. This issue was fixed with a far more emotional feeling story with longer play and more cut scenes to bridge it out. However while 2017 had it’s lootbox controversy, Destiny 2 had a share of 2017’s gaming controversies itself.

Character customization once again plays a big role.

THE GOOD: While Destiny 2 is a general step in the right direction of what it tries to accomplish as far as fans are concerned with a few gameplay and story tweaks. Most of the game is much of the same for the initial release, but one of the more noticeable additions is the inclusion of a free roaming mode per planet which allows much more exploration outside of just travelling maps for quests. The free roaming includes new activities and public events to do with other players.

A beautifully solid that’s still missing that special something.

THE BAD: While Destiny 2 is still a solid game, as far as being a sequel to what was a promising start it still holds itself back by feeling far too familiar. There’s also the issues with shaders. One of Destiny’s biggest mechanics is character customization, however in Destiny 2, customization felt a little lost due to shaders being locked behind a premium in-game currency which cost real-world money. Another issue with the shaders was the fact that they were turned into one-time use consumables.

Destiny 2 feels good, but as if it could be so much better.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Destiny 2 is a good game overall, but not very impressive as a sequel. It feels as if it’s what the first game could have been above all else. The shaders controversy also hurts a community which is quite heavily dependent on character customization.





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