Overall score 95

After spending a majority of time with Cuphead on Xbox One, I decided on checking the game out on my Windows 10 laptop for the Xbox Play Anywhere experience. While I definitely prefer playing on console rather than PC, there are some advantages to switching between both here and there. Such as being able to use your save file from the console version to continue progress while on the go.

Cuphead is a 2017 run and gun platformer it is developed & published by Studio MDHR under partnership with Microsoft Studios, it is currently available on PC and exclusively on Xbox One for console.

Editor’s Note: An Xbox One/Windows 10 PC review copy was provided by Microsoft Studios.

Whether on PC or Xbox One, while doing single player or co-op Cuphead will bring a ton of joy to anyone who plays, anyhow they choose.

Having completed the console review of Cuphead I moved on to seeing how the game runs on PC, it should come to a pleasant surprise that even the most low-end modern PC or Laptop can (most) likely run Cuphead on high settings. Even the pre-built Windows 10 laptop I own and played the game on ran it at high settings with virtually no issues beyond a little lag and slow downs here and there. If players are looking to get the best out of Cuphead graphically though, PC would probably be the best way to go, that said the Xbox One counterpart runs just as good regardless of model.

The Xbox Play Anywhere save transfer feature makes the PC version extremely attractive.

THE GOOD: While Cuphead is available on other PC distribution platforms. if you purchase the game through Microsoft’s online marketplace you not only get an Xbox One copy to instantly install free charge, you also can use your save file from the Windows 10 version and transfer it to Xbox One, or vice versa. So if you played on Xbox One first, you’ll be able to continue on the go with your Windows 10 laptop using that same Xbox One file. Cuphead can be played on practically any Windows 10 PC, it’s one of the least demanding games you’ll come across.

A game that can be experienced by virtually anyone.

THE BAD: There’s occasional glitch where the latest save transfer from Xbox One to PC won’t always sync the most recent save, being forced to use the second most recent save file instead.

A surprisingly dark, yet charming adventure.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While the Xbox One version is excellent in it’s on right, the PC version on Windows 10 is definitely the most superior of the two. Able to run on almost any Windows 10 PC on high settings, and packed with the advantage of console to PC save transfer and vice versa it’s hard to pick the console version over if players have the option to support both.


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