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Telltale’s long-awaited Batman series has made it’s debut this week, and the first episode is a welcoming start for Telltale’s take on the huge DC property. Featuring it’s own incarnation of characters such as Catwoman, The Penguin, and others, Telltale’s Batman gives a promising start.


Batman Telltale is an 2016 episodic action-adventure game, it is developed and published by Telltale Games. It is currently available on PC, Mobile, and console.

Batman as he appears in episode one.

Batman as he appears in episode one.

After nearly a year from it’s initial announcement, Telltale’s Batman series has released its debut episode. Taking place during Bruce’s early years as Batman, he looks to aide Harvey Dent in his campaign to be Mayor of Gotham City. Trouble ensues as he meets iconic Batman characters such as Falcone, Catwoman, and The Penguin.

Gameplay of Telltale Batman.

Gameplay of Telltale Batman.

THE GOOD: While some might not enjoy certain incarnations of these characters, you have to understand that Telltale was going for a more serious and darker toned Batman story, rather than the usual version that has some comedic elements. Gameplay is the traditional TellTale point and click action with a bit of customization. Speaking on the new character incarnations, I thought most of Telltale’s spin on these characters were fine for originality’s sake.

The Dark Knight must make dark choices.

The Dark Knight must make dark choices.

THE BAD: Some of the plot feels a little “been there, done that”, but this is Telltale’s own Batman origin story so it can be forgiven at least in that aspect. A lot of the choices feel a little linear regardless of what you choice to do without much consequence.

Catwoman returns to the Batman spotlight.

Catwoman returns to the Batman spotlight.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Telltale’s Batman brings an excellent first try effort to their spin on The Dark Knight. With new incarnations of Batman’s iconic rogue gallery, and an original (of sorts) origin story, the first episode of Telltale Batman gives us a glimpse into a promising new episodic feature from Telltale Games.

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