The tenth season of the US adaptation of Power Rangers comes home in the Power Rangers Wild Force complete series DVD set. The first season (second half) under Disney’s ownership stars teenagers who control the “Wild Force”, animal spirits which grants the Rangers their Power Ranger powers. This series is fairly faced paced compared to previous seasons, and the story moves along fairly quick.


Power Rangers Wild Force is an 2002 action series, it is produced by Saban Brands, and licensed by Shout! Factory. It is currently available on DVD.

The Wild Force Rangers.

The Wild Force Rangers.

One thing I’ll say about Shout! Factory from the little product of their’s I’ve seen personally, is the fact that they really know how to take care of bringing older shows to modern format. Their Power Rangers’ collections are no different, complete in a five disc set, Power Rangers: Wild Force contains all forty episodes of the 2002 series. The main downer, however, is that this DVD only contains the episodes and nothing else really.

The Cast of Wild Force.

The Cast of Wild Force.

THE GOOD: Wild Force for what it is, is a decent Power Rangers season, not as re-watchable as say MMPR, or a few seasons following, but still good for what was dubbed “the Disney era” for the series. Plot at times comes a little too close to MMPR speaking of which, which is fine if you look at it as an MMPR alternative.

Wild Force is different and familiar at the same time.

Wild Force is different and familiar at the same time.

THE BAD: I’m not sure if this was just me or not, but aspect ratio seemed to be locked at 4:3, it was kind of annoying with no edit options. If you’re a Power Rangers/Sentai fan looking to complete your collection, then the Wild Force set isn’t bad for it’s price, and that alone is worth the nab, however if you’re expecting special features then you’ll have to try some of Shout!’s other variations of the Wild Force releases. Some kind of featurette would have really been cool in this set.

A lack of features hold the complete series set back a bit.

A lack of features hold the complete series set back a bit.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While good for collectors of the franchise, the Wild Force complete series suffers from extras that could have given it a big punch. The 4:3 ratio lock was also a bummer, but if you’re a Power Rangers completionist, then the Wild Force collection isn’t anything to ignore.  Otaku Dome gives Power Rangers: Wild Force the Complete Series and 75 out of 100.

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