Dragon Ball FighterZ has announced the full list of characters featured in the upcoming beta. The newest additions to the generational based roster included fan-favorites Piccolo and Krillin. Judging from the scans Piccolo’s moveset will include his stretchable arms, signature Special Beam Cannon, and what looks to be Hell Zone Grenade. Whereas Krillin will have afterimage, Destructo Disc, and what looks to be the controlled Kamehameha. Sign ups for the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta go live July 26, the complete beta roster is as followed, the official VJump scans via Gematsu as well as details for the new characters can also be seen below:


Vegeta SSJ

Frieza (Golden Frieza)

Teen Gohan SSJ2

Perfect Cell

Majin Buu (Good)

Future Trunks SSJ




Power: 3
Speed: 2
Reach: 4
Technique: 4
Energy: 3
Piccolo has technical skills such as extending his arms to grasp his opponent and charge techniques. He has a variety of methods to break the opponent’s guard. He can fire beams at super high speeds. By long-pressing the button, he can charge up for a stronger attack. He also has a technique that fires a Ki blast to deal great damage. When connecting from a combo, it will deal even greater damage.


Power: 2
Speed: 3
Reach: 1
Technique: 4
Energy: 4
Krillin has low power and reach, but can use a variety of techniques. He can even use Kamehameha, meaning fighting from a distance should not be a problem. He can use skills to confuse the enemy such as the “Afterimage Technique,” which leaves behind an image of Krillin before turning into an attack. He can also use “Destructo Disc,” which is impossible to guard against. After firing Ki blasts, Krillin can alter their trajectory and have them explode in the sky to shoot out multiple Ki blasts.

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