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Ever since the specs for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles have been revealed (and rumored), many wondered just how powerful the new consoles truly were. The question was seemingly answered when PC game devs started a growing interest in porting their titles over to the 8th gen systems. We are now seeing what looks to be a growing trend this generation, top notch PC titles getting ported over to the Playstation 4. While not to say that porting to the Xbox One is too difficult, it’s been made clear that at least some PC developers have taken a liking to porting their titles to the Ps4 over the Xbox One. With titles such as Planetside 2, Outlast, and Don’t Starve already hitting the Ps4 and more on the way, Otaku Dome takes a look at the top 10 PC games we think should be ported over to the Sony console.

#1, DayZ:



Ever since it’s days as a fan made mod of the game Arma II fans have been begging for a console port of the popular dog-eat-dog world styled Zombie MMO. With millions of players world wide backing the massive online world of DayZ it couldn’t be too hard to see this game taking on Sony’s MMO to console initiative. Developer Dean Hall, even went as far as saying that a Playstation 4 and Xbox One port of the mod gone standalone game was “almost certain”. Here’s hoping for a possible announcement of the port come this year’s E3.

#2. Broken Age:



The most recent entry into Double Fine and Tim Schafer’s library is the successfully kick started Broken Age, an episodic adventure starring two teenagers dealing with alternative situations in two different worlds. Double Fine VA alum Jack Black once again helps Tim Schafer out with his outstanding voice talent as do other stars. With past episodic adventure games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us on consoles, I’m certain that Broken Age wouldn’t have much of an issue finding an audience on consoles, and not to mention that it has Double Fine’s track record backing it up.

#3. Loadout:



Although still fresh and in a playable alpha stage, the whacky, gory, and insanely fun third-person shooter Loadout would make a great cross over to the Playstation 4. The crazy visuals, competitive gameplay, and fantastic customization options would bring many logged hours into the Playstation Network.

#4. The Banner Saga



Another successfully kick started PC title that would make a nice fit on the Playstation Network is The Banner Saga. Just imagine the beautiful graphics and great gameplay running in 1080p through the Playstation 4. With the similar Don’t Starve having success on the Playstation 4, there’s no reason why other 2D games shouldn’t.

#5. World of Warcraft:



When someone thinks MMOs on consoles, the first game that has to come to their minds is World of Warcraft. After a successful run on consoles with Blizzard’s Diablo III, you can’t help but think that they’re at least heavily considering porting their massively popular MMO to the Playstation 4 or Xbox One even.

#6. Gone Home:



The critically acclaimed Gone Home would make another perfect fit on the Playstation 4. With other point and click titles having success on consoles, Gone Home’s amazing story and settings would give it a competitive edge over other point and click games that have made their way to consoles.

#7. Far Cry:



Although a port has been released for current gen consoles, the original Far Cry getting ported over to next-gen would be an amazing thing to have happen, if not for the fantastic visuals alone, playing the fantastic first entry into the Far Cry franchise in re-worked next-gen tech would be quite a sight.

#8. Rust:



The Minecarft meets DayZ game Rust is a survival of the fittest title that has players scavenging for food, clothing, wood, and other resources in order to live in the games threat filled world. Rather it’s other players or NPCs, Rust is an absolute danger zone, and with competitive console players, it could find a crazy amount of success through a porting.

#9. Might & Magic X: Legacy:



The latest entry into the long-running Might & Magic franchise allows players to customize their own unique characters across 4 different races (Human, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves), in the large RPG world. The new entry gives players a hybrid class, a “Might” class,  and a “Magic” class.

#10. Star Wars: The Old Republic:



The Old Republic, is the first real attempt an massively open Star Wars game, the only game that could probably come close as far as length and longevity goes is the Force Unleashed franchise. And it’s gained quite the fan base since the original 2010 launch. The Old Republic would not only feel cool to play with a control, but it would also look great on an HDTV.


That’s our top 10 PC ports for Playstation 4. Do you agree with our list? Have your own you’d like to share? Speak out in the comments section.

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