Dragon Ball Z season 8 is now available on Blu-Ray, if you’ve been waiting to add the Majin Buu arc your collection then now’s your chance. Filled with classic memories such as Goku vs Vegeta, and Majin Vegeta, alongside the option to use the original Japanese OST alongside the English dub, this Blu-Ray set is a must have for DBZ fans, or those who’ve just recently gotten into the series.

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Dragon Ball Z is an 1989 anime series, it is produced by Toei Animation and licensed by Funimation. It is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray.


Season 8 of Dragon Ball Z features the final arc of the 250+ episode series. This marks the debut of Majin Buu, Gohan and an young adult, and many more memorable moments that have been with anime fans for over a decade.

Buu & Babidi.

Buu & Babidi.


THE GOOD: Season 8 Dragon Ball Z takes place after the Cell Games arc, it’s most notable for it’s time skip, the introduction of new characters such as Goten & Supreme Kai, and Majin Vegeta. These moments are present on the season 8 Blu-Ray, but one of the best features is the ability to enable the original Japanese OST alongside the English Dub. Of course you also have the option to use the American OST as well. The season 8 set also covers all the way up to Super Gohan & the beginning of Gotenks.

Dabura the cookie.

Dabura the cookie.

THE BAD: If you already own Season 8 on DVD, then there isn’t much reason to own it on Blu-Ray beyond collection purposes.

Majin Vegeta.

Majin Vegeta.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: Fun memories, great action and the option to have the original Japanese OST on during your viewing, Season 8 is a must have for DBZ fans old and new, however if you already own it on DVD, then don’t expect many reasons to re-own it on Blu-Ray. Otaku Dome gives the Dragon Ball Z Season 8 Blu-Ray an 90 out of 100.






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