It’s being reported today that Dragon Ball Super which began airing in 2015 will come to a close effective episode 131 which should air sometime in March. It will be replaced by a new anime adaptation of the ‘Kitaro’ franchise in celebration of it’s 50th anniversary. It had previously been reported that merely the currently ruining Universe Survival arc would be coming to a close in March last year, however as time went on rumors of Super’s closure began to spread with the rumors now appearing to be true. Several animators and other Toei employees working on the anime had made comments about the news which seemed to have leaked out ahead of a planned announcement as some of their comments felt as though they had been caught off guard about the news going public as it felt like something which was currently private.

One animator on Twitter noted that they were surprised people weren’t aware as episode 126 was his finale episode as animator director. Another Toei employee noted on social media that “it’s not as if the series is over”, so it’s possible that Super will continue with a direct sequel at some point in time. Of course they could have been referring to the current Dragon Ball film slated for release in December, which the Super team will be shifting all focus towards moving forward. It should be noted that Toei trademarked links in relation to 2019 and 2020 similarly to Battle of Gods, Resurrection F, and the 2018 film, though no further films have been announced or confirmed as of this writing. While nothing has been announced as for the current status of Super with FighterZ on the way, Xenoverse 2 continually pumping out content (and a third game on the way), as well as DVD and Blu-Ray sales doing well, another long form anime series for Dragon Ball will likely be coming sooner rather than later.

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