Ever since the trend of High-Definition began a few years ago, both tech nits and gamers have stride to get the highest level of definition  rather it was for the simple fact that hobbyist wanted to improve their collection, or for more personal reasons such as hardcore gamers wanted bragging ri…er the highest quality of gaming, but as time passed gamers became more adept to wanting the highest graphic settings possible rather it be on Console or PC, and news breaking about the Xbox One’s limitation being 720p (when its’ predecessor could go above that resolution), the already annoying flame wars got worse.



Mmmm, gaming today.




Admittedly a console that’s seen as an “8th gen” console not being able to out 1080p in video resolution at a price $500 is…odd to say the least, but regardless I don’t think many people even notice any major difference between 240-1080p, except for maybe on a PC, which you can clearly notice graphic changes, but for consoles which has no changeable graphics card is the difference really noticeable? I’ve gamed on both standard and HD, the differences can be noticed to a degree, but to the point where I have to experience gaming in high-def. In fact, I could throw away (or put away rather) my 20 inch 1080p TV tonight and use my standard TV to game for the remainder of my life period.




Remember when no one gave a crap about graphics? No? Oh ok.



I don’t really get the whole framerate deal either, but that’s another story for another time. If anyone reading this article switches between 240p and 1080p TVs would you mind reporting back here on the difference/experience? I think as time grew the hardcore gamer began to care less about having fun and more about a game looking sexy. Which is one reason why so many people have a tough time transitioning into the follow-up generation.




Do you remember when no one gave a crap about graphics now!?



With fanboys/girls being the powerful consumers they are I think that “amazing graphics” will become the community standard at some point, or a major part of it  rather than ‘amazing gameplay’, which would be a sad day to gamers who could care less.



Do you think higher-res graphics is beginning to outshine gameplay in importance?

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  1. xbox_gamer says:

    I agree and it wasn’t an issue when game where doing less than 720p like almost all ps3 games. Uncharted looked great under less than 1080p

  2. Jack Slater says:

    Cod ghosts on ps4 displays 2.25 more pixels, with better textures and anti aliasing processing. Though, nobody believed in the ps4 specs, at least 50% more raw power.

    Last gen and last last gen, it was more about fun and gameplay.
    In 2014, I want even more fun and better gameplay, but with ultra high quality full HD graphics. The power is there, with almost 10 times more power than a ps3, I don’t want a ps4 game that won’t look at least 2 times better than an uncharted 2-3 or the last of us. That’s the strict minimum I can accept. While I won’t expect beyond 2 souls graphics and mocap on an indie game made by 2 or 3 guys, all the AAA titles, there is no reason uncharted 4 won’t look 3-4 times better, at 1080p, than uncharted 3, for example.
    We’re in 2014, next gen consoles are here, even a tablet or smartphone is displaying graphics at ultra high def, no way I will accept 720p graphics on next gen.

    Fans may talk about fun, or friends list, or servers, but I don’t understand how xbots can accept to pay 700-900$ on a console, second controller, 2 or 3 games, charter kit, live gold 12 months, etc, and accept playing games at 720p, just like on x360, with just a few better looking textures here and there.720p was yesterday’s resolution. Today, it’s 1080p time.
    How can they defend their system, I’m not sadist enough to understand.

  3. Torbjorn Olsson says:

    Graphics do matter. Saying otherwise is like saying acting, cinematography or sound doesn’t matter. Graphics have always mattered. I remember going from C64 to Nes and how awesome of a leap that was and what new possibilities those systems were able to produce. The jump from Nes to Snes was equally awesome and I remember playing Zelda Snes and marveling at both the graphics and the immersion. The first time I saw 3D running on a console, on the Playstation 1, it was a completely new experience that improved gameplay. Moving from Playstation 1 to Dreamcast and later Playstation 2 was also an amazing feeling, and it was after I played SSX and Final Fantasy X that I knew I could never go back to Playstation 1. Same when Xbox360/PS3 came along. Now that I am playing Killzone and Resogun and looking towards The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, The Order, Infamous and so on, I feel I can not go back to the previous generation.

    Plus it’s important to remember that more power (CPU/GPU/RAM etc.) does not just equal better graphics but open up more gameplay possibilities that just simply weren’t possible before. The same will happen when the next-next-gen comes out.

    • Victor_Jordan says:

      I understand that, about more power equaling more gameplay possibilities, but that doesn’t mean that a game should be looked down upon just because it isn’t pretty. Again I get what you’re saying from a technical standpoint, but I’m speaking as far as judging a game when it comes to personal enjoyment. Maybe I should have mentioned this in the article.

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