Young Black receives an anime adaptation thanks to Tezuka Productions, and now the anime comes to home media in America. Young Black Jack became a fan favorite series mainly due to titular character Black Jack’s complex personality, and sympathetic background. Though a medical genius, Black Jack chooses to operate on patients in the shadows, and will even operate free of charge under the condition of being moved by his patient’s story of how their injury occurred.

Young Black Jack is an 2015 seinen anime series, it is produced by Tezuka Productions, and licensed by Sentai Filmworks, it is currently available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Black Jack as he appears in the anime.

Black Jack is a complex character of morals and ethics despite operating in the medical field within the shadows. Black Jack even has a few rules of how he conducts business as a surgeon, for example if one of his clients are extremely wealthy, then he extends his asking price quite high, he’ll also operate free of charge if his client’s injury story can move him emotionally.

A well-written character who’s sure to be a fan favorite.

THE GOOD: It’s often hard to find a good Seinen series with a decent plot, great writing, and likable characters, but this is never an issue in Young Black Jack, you always want to root for characters like Black Jack to succeed throughout the run, the story is compelling enough to keep you interested in the long haul, and you’ll want to see how Black Jack ends.

Emotions run high in Young Black Jack.

THE BAD: The 12 episode run time hurts it, especially with the rather dark ending.

A seinen with untapped potential.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Young Black Jack starts with a ton of promise, and mostly delivers, however the limited episode count sort of derails its ultimate potential as an anime adaption. Otaku Dome gives Young Black Jack Complete Collection Blu-Ray a 79 out of 100.

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