The original source material inspiration for the four panel Japanese comic strip manga of the same name WWW.Wagnaria!! has been adapted into an anime series courtesy of Aniplex and A-1 Pictures. In the adaptation of the original manga series, there’s a new set of characters as well as a new Wagnaria restaurant as the setting. Main character Daisuke Higashida starts working at Wagnaria after having financial issues at home, however he soon finds out that Wagnaria is full of totally not so normal people.

Working!! is a 2010 seinen, slice of life anime series, it is produced by A-1 Pictures and licensed by Aniplex of America, it is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray with English Subtitles.

Editor’s Note: A review copy of WWW.Wagnaria!! Volumes 1 & 2 were given to us by Aniplex of America for review. This review will be written as an entire season watch with a single overall score.

Daisuke as he appears in the anime.

WWW.Wagnaria!! is technically the fourth season of the anime adaption from 2010, but at the same time it’s more of a spin-off focusing on a new restaurant and a brand new cast of characters outside of the first three seasons. Though the spin-off will probably take some getting used to for longtime fans of the series, it’s still mostly the same Wagnaria you know and love.

One of the cutest anime series from last Winter.

THE GOOD: As said in our previous review of ‘Anohana’, WWW.Wagnaria!! is another short run series (a spin-off) which would probably be best viewed as a two or three day afternoon killer, though that’s not to say that you couldn’t take your time with it. However, unlike ‘Anohana’, WWW.Wagnaria!! has three more seasons you can watch thanks to the original series Wagnaria!! or Working!! as it’s known in most overseas markets, and if you’ve started with this series, there’s no need to worry as it features a new cast of characters unrelated to those of the previous series’ seasons giving a grand total of 40 episodes to watch after having finished this one.

WWW.Wagnaria!! is probably best enjoyed prior to seeing the original three season anime.

THE BAD: If you’ve seen the original series it feels like a bit of deja vu, although it’d probably be best enjoyed avoiding the original anime, or you could summarize it as the anime placed in an alternative timeline I guess.

WWW.Wagnaria!!’s odd sense of humor won’t be for everyone.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While it won’t be appreciated by most, WWW.Wagnaria!! is still a good bit of enjoyment for fans of the franchise and it’s a great opener for newcomers, but not all will get or understand it’s comedic touch. However, WWW.Wagnaria!!’s biggest issue perhaps is that it feels all too familiar for longtime fans, which will be noticeable for even the heaviest of die hards.  Otaku Dome gives WWW.Wagnaria!! a 70 out of 100.



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