After nearly half a decade absence WWE has announced that the brand extension will be returning, with main shows Monday Night RAW & Thursday Night SmackDown (now airing live on Tuesdays in late July) receiving their own rosters. This move was rather surprising the general believe was a solitary roster with talent showing up on all four programs (including Main Event & Superstars) would be more beneficial in the long run. In spirit of the return for the fan favorite WWE draft Otaku Dome has decided to do it’s own mock draft.



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1.Roman Reigns: The reason for Reigns being on RAW is simple, he’s the WWE Champion, despite WWE doing whatever they can to pump up SmackDown’s roster, they’ll keep the current reigning Champion on RAW.

2. Chris Jericho: Word is Jericho is leaving again soon, so I’m having doubts that his final days on his current run will be on SD.

3. Enzo & Cass: Having just been called up from NXT, Enzo & Cass have already gotten over with the main roster, while moving them to SD would be beneficial for the opposite brand, the two need to be on RAW.

4. Charlotte: As the current reigning Women’s Champion for the time being there’s no reason for her to be on SD.

5. Dana Brooke: Unless they plan on splitting Dana & Charlotte within the next few weeks, Dana isn’t going anywhere.

6. Dean Ambrose: If a Roman Reigns heel turn is in the works, then he’ll need babyfaces to feud with and have decent stories behind, Ambrose is likely one of his first opponents.

7. The Club: After this week’s RAW AJ Styles split from The Club, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to keep the three together due to lack of story.

8. The Usos: Due to their connection to Reigns’ for story purposes The Usos will likely be on RAW.

9. Rusev & Lana: As the current holder of one of WWE’s two midcard titles, I personally see Rusev staying on RAW, especially with plans for Lana to wrestle on TV soon.

10. Kane: While seemingly busy with his political career, Kane will eventually be back on TV, and I think it’s going to be on RAW.

11. Alberto del Rio

12. Mark Henry

13.  Golden Truth

14. Titus O’Neil

15. Neville

16. Mark Henry

17. Emma

18. Natalya

19. Tamina

20. Paige

21. Steph & Triple H

22. Zack Ryder




1. John Cena: WWE will likely balance whichever brand Reigns is on with John Cena, I’m seriously hoping Reigns is on RAW due to Cena needed another refresher like his US title run.

2. AJ Styles: With reports of a secondary World Championship returning, AJ Styles will shine on SmackDown going after it.

3. The New Day: As previously stated WWE will be doing whatever they can to pump SmackDown’s new era, what better way to do so than having one of it’s most popular acts on it?

4. Randy Orton: See New Day

5. The Wyatts: Having just recently turned face, the Wyatts need new ground to get their babyface alignment going in the right direction.

6. The Vaudevillains

7. Brock Lesnar: See New Day

8. Apollo Crews: While just recent;y called up Crews has struggled to find his spot on RAW, he’ll have better luck on SmackDown.

9. Baron Corbin: See above.

10. Dolph Ziggler:  See above.

11. Cesaro 

12. The Miz & Maryse: See Rusev.

13. Big Show: SmackDown is going to need a giant too.

14. Kevin Owens: Currently rumored to be the winner of MITB, it’d make sense for him to be on SD to cash in on it’s Champion.

15: Sami Zayn: If Owens is on SD so is Zayn.

16. The Social Outcast

17. Fandango & Tyler Breeze

18. The Dudley Boyz

19. Sasha Banks

20. Becky Lynch

21. Naomi 

22, Darren Young

23. Shane McMahon



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