The new generation of gaming is coming at us hard and heavy, we thought the big news was over when the announcement of the Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam Box was all said and done. However, the gaming industry keeps slapping us with even more “in your face” tech. Virtual Reality, which had been dormant since the initial concept was thought up around the late 70s (in a serious manner) is making a major comeback, so much so that it’s looking to go the way that science fiction fans have always hoped they’d live through.  The Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus are looking to give gamers (and as mentioned perhaps even science fiction fans) an experience that they’ve only dreamed of with their newly advanced tech, but with these advanced pieces of VR hardware one begs to ask the question, is the concept of a fully realized, full-body virtual reality experience such as that seen in popular anime/manga series Sword Art Online heading towards our way sooner than we thought?

Hopefully no games that literally puts our lives in danger, amirite?

Hopefully no games that literally puts our lives in danger, amirite?


For those unaware, as mentioned, Sword Art Online is an anime and manga series where main protagonist Kirito & Asuna are forced to literally fight for their lives in a 100% fully realized virtual reality online game, known as VRMMORPGs, the game takes name from that of the series title. The world is so legit that players re able to cook, touch, feel, and do other regular human abilities all while trying to climb their ways to the top of an enormous tower. There lies their only escape from the game, killing the main boss who rests at the top. But, in order to get to the top they have to go through dozens of levels within the tower known as “floors” which features highly over powered enemies an bosses, but if they die, it’s not just game over for that session, but they also die in real life as well.

Could you imagine something like Skyrim in fully realized VR tech?

Could you imagine something like Skyrim in fully realized VR tech?


While it would seem that experiencing virtual reality the likes of which seen in Sword Art Online is quite sometime away, it may not be as far off as we think. Game developers across the world including Sony are already implementing VR tech into their games, modern day titles such as Portal have already gotten a revamp for VR with more being revamped for the technology as we speak. Hell, there are even developers who are at this very moment making games exclusively for these new VR headsets and such, as mentioned Sony has confirmed that it’s developers have begun work on titles that need their Project Morpheus in order to fully function. or work completely, However alongside this third party titles will be receiving Morpheus support. Some Morpheus titles will also be able to work with the Playstation Move, as well as the Dual Shock 4 for those thinking traditional gaming wouldn’t be an option when using Morpheus.

Is a VRFPS, something you'd fancy?

Is a VRFPS, something you’d fancy?


Games aren’t the only thing being developed to help up the awareness of virtual reality, game programmers are designing new tech that even furthers the development and progress of virtual reality the Priovr & Virtuix Omni are full body components for Oculus Rift the give players the feeling that their bodies are actually the controllers. The latter has been successfully tested with cult hit Mirror’s Edge and has thus far been given positive feedback. These new peripherals will only improve and further give the impression of a truly realized virtual world as the years go by. I’d even say that with the surprising rate that progress has gone fully realized VR such as Sword Art Online could be within our grasps by as soon as 2025-2030, if that long even. As virtual reality tech goes on in time who knows just where it could take us? With Sony working with NASA to launch a virtual tour of Mars alongside the release of Project Morpheus we could see VR reach new heights in not only gaming but in real life as well. Here’s hoping we’ll be around to experience these advances as they take place.




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  1. Hates bad writers. says:

    SAO was one of the worst anime series every created, if this is your bar for the Oculus to reach, you’ve set your standards far too low. Oculus would better serve as toilet paper before pandering to that retarded anime crowd.

    • Victor_Jordan says:

      The article isn’t really about Sword Art Online, it’s about the probabilities of an actual VRMMORPG.

      • Hates bad writers. says:

        You used, quite literally, the worst example possible.

        • blackstar2324 says:

          Haha Hunter x Hunter. Never use that as a example of a good anime ever again please. More then 100 episodes and alot filler episodes. Really? I was expecting you say an actually good anime like cowboy bebop or fullmetal alchemist or code geass but you chose hunter x hunter as the anime of choice to counter what i just said. I need not say nothing to such stupidity. Please do try again sir.

    • blackstar2324 says:

      also i never said it was the best….i said it was good for what it had to offer

  2. blackstar2324 says:

    @hatesbadwriters:disqus either you have bad tastes in anime or you’re just stupid. That series is by far not the worst anime series ever. Good story, good animation, good music, awesome battles. It a well driven story with a good ending.

    • Hates bad writers. says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT? Bad taste? Please, do tell the crowd how Hunter X Hunter ISN’T better than this plot hole riddled (and that’s just one example of a show VASTLY superior to this one), glorified hentai, unbelievable, sister fucking simulator. I’d love to know. The animation, yes, it’s better than usual. Story? No, plot holes within minutes, and they continue to get worse. Other than that the story progresses at a horrible rate. Not only is it about beating the game to escape, they never really push that. How often did they show this progression? 3? Maybe 4 times? Music? Well I’m sure it fit, it’s hard to mess up music.

      As it stands the story is riddled with plot holes, and acts as glorified 15 year old hentai. How would the helmets kill anyone? The explanation isn’t possible. How does Kirito have “console commands” mid fight with the “main” antagonist (until the “wants to screw under age children” antagonist comes in)? Why did I have a rather graphic sex scene between two kids? Why does the magic used by his class of elf do the exact OPPOSITE as it is described to do. (it’s illusion based, it does no real damage, the story tells us this). Do I even need to mention the 11 year old girl hitting on the protagonist? Seriously, how messed up are you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a pedophile if you enjoy this shit.

      Lastly, if you had an argument, you would have replied to me, but you didn’t. Luckily someone else did (with a better argument that you, and it wasn’t even an argument) , and I scrolled up. You’re pathetic, and you’re the reason anime has a glut of shit shows, and otaku over glorifying bad shows, thus bringing us more bad shows. What’s next? Naruto’s flashback syndrome is a good way to tell a story? You anime fanboys are sad.

      You’re either full blown retarded, or ignorant to the highest degree.

      Here is what you said “That series is by far not the worst anime series ever”, here is what I ACTUALLY said “one of the worst”. Is it number one? I’d really have to delve into it, but it’s certainly in the top 50 worst.

      This Tuesday a new episode of Hunter X Hunter is out, watch it, maybe you’ll learn something about quality in anime.

      • Zac Ragon says:

        I read your post and couldn’t help but comment.

        The headsets kill the same way they read and intercept the neural transmissions and give feedback. There are multiple ways it could kill, but they went with it microwaving the brain with an overload of the signals it used. A new headset in the second half included a limiter that made it impossible. It’s mentioned in the first episode but it’s addressed while it’s still in the exposition phase. I hated the second half almost as much as you did until I rewatched it recently.

        Kazuto has console commands because the uploaded AI version gives them to him. Kirito logs in with the Heathcliff user ID. Akihiko has some strange respect for Kazuto and helps him out.

        As for the sexualization: Asuna and Kazuto are 17 by the time the Elf arc starts. That’s entirely legal in most countries. Hell, in Japan it’s well beyond the legal age of 13 they have. As for the “11 year old”. She’s 12 during SAO and 14 during ALO. She’s only 3 years younger than Kazuto and if they were to attend a traditional High School, they could still be classmates like they are in the anime.

        That should cover your gripes outside of the over exaggerations.

        SAO is far from hentai, and if you think the “incest” in SAO is bad then you might want to avoid any anime that you wouldn’t find on Adult Swim. Cousins are completely legal in Japan (they’re adopted siblings), and SAO is extremely tame until the last couple episodes.

  3. Anders says:

    The VR need brain control.

  4. Guest says:

    Morpheus is an inferior $0N¥ PoS. Oculus is where it’s at!

  5. nonscpo says:

    Would be intersting if they made an SAO occulus game. On that note I need to get started watching season 2 that just came out.

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