To Love Ru continues the harem comedy and mayhem of lead character Rito Yuki in Darkness 2nd (season two). As Rito continues his pursuit of his true love Haruna, Momo plots to have Rito marry her sister Lala in order to get him to marry herself as well as a harem of other girls under Deviluke law.

To Love Ru Darkness is a 2015 harem anime series, it is produced by Xebec and licensed by Sentai Filmworks, it is currently available in the US on DVD & Blu-Ray in English subs.

Main characters Lala (left) and Rito (right).

To Love Ru Darkness 2nd continues from where Darkness left off with Momo continuing her harem plot, Lala misunderstanding Rito’s feelings, and Rito still pursuing but befriending Haruna. Meanwhile Golden Darkness tries to adjust to life on Earth after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Rito.

Yami as Golden Darkness.

THE GOOD: To Love Ru Darkness 2nd is the anime adaption sequel to To Love Ru and it can be pretty damn funny. If you’re into sex jokes and the like then you’ll feel right at home as there’s plenty of that throughout the ecchi filled series. For what it’s worth the harem plot has its entertainment value as well.

Nudity and comedy a plenty ensues in To Love Ru Darkness 2nd.

THE BAD: With only 14 episodes it feels really short compared to competitors.

To Love Ru Darkness is short, but one of the better ecchi anime out right now.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: To Love Ru Darkness 2nd continues the story of a funny ecchi harem anime. Though short, it provides enough laughs that’ll have fans of the genre, and To Love Ru franchise waiting for a season three. Otaku Dome gives To Love Ru Darkness a 70 out of 100. 



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