Last week's sign-off.

Last week’s sign-off.

The Walking Dead continues this week with two main groups being featured. Rick, Michonne and Carl. And, the group consisting of the new characters Abraham, Rosita and the doctor, along with Glenn and Tara.

The Walking Dead usually follows the same formula, the cast find a seemingly safe place to hunker down, only for it to turn on its head and become a danger beacon. In this episode, it happened again when Rick, thinking he was safe from the outside world takes the time to read a book, eventually falling asleep, only to wake when a group of men enter the house.



His acting at this point of the episode was on point as you could see the fear resonate from him. Hiding under the bed usually never works well, but it did here as he was able to avoid being seen or being heard. He manages to escape the house, just as Carl and Michonne were returning. Reminiscent of the farm and the prison, the final scene of this story was running away from a place they thought was safe.

Maybe they’ll realize the best thing to do is keep moving, I do hope so because The Walking Dead is at its best when the cast isn’t tied down to one location.

The new characters that were introduced last week got some time this week as they head to Washington, with Tara and an unconscious Glenn in the back of their truck. Once Glenn wakes up, he forces the truck to stop and hits the road, going back to search for Maggie. Even with the revelation that Eugene has a cure, it doesn’t change Glenn’s mind, which really shows how much Glenn cares for Maggie, and the fact that in this world you only care about the people who are close to you.

The notion that there might be a cure should have been a bigger moment. The announcement seemed badly timed and Glenn should have shown some lean-to both sides before deciding that Maggie was more important.

A cure?

A cure?

As for the new characters, I’m a fan of Abraham and Rosita, but Eugene’s involvement is coming off as shady, which I’m not sure it should be. His lines come out as someone that’s hiding something which could be a testament to the actor knowing that down the line something will come out about him, or it could just be a mistake from the writers.

Overall, this was a solid enough episode. It’s obvious to anyone that these episodes are setting things up for later episodes, so we might have to deal with another one or two of these before things really kick in. Next week’s episode sees Beth and Daryl continue on their path, and we join Tyrese and his new family.

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