With the forthcoming return of Dave Batista to the WWE Otaku Dome will be taking a look at five potential, never before seen feuds we’d like to see upon his current run with the company:





When someone thinks of the words “Batista” and “never-before-seen” in the same sentence, no one other than Former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar should top that list. This is something many have dreamed of since the two were first employed by the same company simultaneously. There’s a lot of potential for a Brock/Batista feud in both PPV buys and story. Both had MMA aspirations; one was majorly successful, while the other had a less than successful MMA career. Lesnar and Batista are monster characters and let’s face it we like a good monster feud every now and then. The best part about this feud is that the title doesn’t even have to be involved, it doesn’t need tp be with the amount of story telling this feud could produce.






Rather you love him or hate him, our current reigning Intercontinental Champion Big E. Langston is in line for a major push, and given he doesn’t screw up some how via a wellness violation or something else stupid, this push is going to last for the next months and even years maybe. Langston would be a great opponent for Batista if he returns as a heel. With Langston climbing the ladder and the rumored Lesnar match, it would make sense for him to eventually face “The Animal”.






Although his stock has fallen in recent months due to having apparent heat over an incident that occurred during a tour of India, Ryback still continues to get the rub from WWE picking up wins here and there since teaming up with Curtis Axel. In fact rumors are that WWE are still trying to work something out with Goldberg so he can face Ryback at WrestleMania 30. Though I don’t know how much of a draw Ryback vs Batista would be, on paper it sounds pretty interesting if nothing else.  If things with Goldberg fall through, WWE definitely has a plan B in Batista.






Another WWE Star who’s stock has fallen in recent months, but could still make a match with the returning Batista look good is Dolph Ziggler. Yes the two have had matches before, but working an actual program? I don’t recall this occurring., I honestly, as of now, can’t see where they could take this feud other than it just being something fun to watch. I guess it would depend on where they align the two men as heel and face as far as storyline goes.






After comments Batista made on Twitter over Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship sparked rage on the internet, it already planted seeds for a potential feud between the two. With Bryan current acting as a heel, he could use those comments as a reference suggesting that Batista doesn’t view small guys as a threat. The feud shouldn’t have any problem with quality rather it’s with promos or matches. Bryan has learned how to adapt and work with basically anyone.



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