Infamous visual novel Steins;Gate gets a new movie follow-up courtesy of Studio White Fox. Taking place after the events of the anime, the film is set in August 2011, exactly a year after the events of the anime. In the film, Rintaro Okabe has assumedly landed in the Steins Gate World Line after preventing the deaths of Mayuri Shiina and Kurisu Makise, as well as prevent a future ruled by SERN due to the invention of a time machine that no longer exists.

Steins;Gate: Load Region of Deja Vu is an 2013 film sequel to the anime Steins;Gate, it is produced by White Fox, and licensed by Funimation. It is currently available on DVD & Blu-Ray in English.

The anime adaption of the fan favorite visual novel gets a film follow-up.

Following up a year after the events of what happened in the Steins;Gate anime, Steins;Gate: Load Region of Deja Vu has Rintaro Okabe residing in the Steins Gate World Line after preventing Mayuri Shiina & Kurisu Makise’s deaths. Kurisu arrives in Japan on August 3rd & reunites with the members of Future Gadget Laboratory.Meanwhile, Rintaro begins to suffer from side effects of time travel.

The dangers of time travel.

THE GOOD: One of the best elements of the Steins;Gate anime both TV & film is its cast, their respective performances make it hard not to root for leads Okabe & Mikase. The animation is solid and the story is done well enough to keep viewers invested, at least those a fan of the franchise that is to say.

Outstanding cast performances set the anime & film apart from the visual novels.

THE BAD: Unless you can get behind the leads then their may not be much for non-fans of the series.

The leads make or break Deja Vu.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While a follow-up with an above average story. it kind of feels like only true fans or those invested in Kurisu & Okabe will be able to get behind the film one-hundred percent. Everything else about the film, however truly compliments the actors and actresses’ performance throughout the movie. Otaku Dome gives Steins;Gate: Load Region of Deja Vu a 77 out of 100.


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