The classic 90s anime Sailor Moon is back in the form of a remade anime TV series. as well as a new DVD box set. This new box set is uncut and uncensored which is a plus, given the history of past Sailor Moon dub releases. And the Blu-Ray release comes as a huge bonus for a re-release of an anime classic.



Sailor Moon is an 1992 Shojo anime series, it is produced by Toei Animation and licensed by Viz Media. It is currently available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and streaming services across the internet.


If you’ve been watching anime since at leas the mid to late 80s, then one series in particular that you’ve likely seen up to this point is Sailor Moon, back in the late 80s-early 90s Japanese anime was just starting to make it’s boom in America with series such as Pokemon, Dragon Hall Z, and the aforementioned Sailor Moon. Though one thing that may surprise new anime watchers is the fact that both boys and girls were huge fans of the mostly female character oriented series, and it’s one of the first anime of its genre to have broken that barrier.

Sailor Moon as she appears in the original anime.

Sailor Moon as she appears in the original anime.

THE GOOD: The new set comes with a Blu-Ray Ray/DVD combo, which is something aren’t seeing too much of with classic re-releases. The OST and dub are still fairly good and hold up for a 90s anime, it’s one pf the better looking re-releases in recent memory.

The Sailors are back.

The Sailors are back.

THE BAD: Image quality was a tad off, even in the Blu-Ray release and some of the production mistakes remained in tact.

Tuxedo Mask in the flesh.

Tuxedo Mask in the flesh.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Sailor Moon: Season One, Part One is a fine re-release of another classic anime series. While some of the issues in past releases remain present and image quality isn’t the best compared to recent re-releases, however the release of a Blu-Ray and overall quality makes up for the mistakes. Otaku Dome gives Sailor Moon Season One, Part One an 78 out 100.



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