Sailor Moon S comes home to DVD and Blu-Ray in America, the third season of the series features a number of differences including the infamous lesbian couple of Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus, as well as new enemies and allies to aid Sailor Moon in her fight against evil.


Sailor Moon is an 1992 shounen, magical girl anime series based on the manga of the same name, it is produced by Toei Animation, and licensed by Viz Media, it is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray in English.

Sailor Moon (bottom right) and her friends.

Sailor Moon returns with Season 3, known titlularly as Sailor Moon S. In this season Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune become a couple, the Death Busters make their debut, and Sailor Moon’s world continues to turn upside down.

Comedy and drama ensues in Sailor Moon S.

THE GOOD: Sailor Moon S evolves the series in a number of ways, including increased quality in action, much more darker content than previous seasons, and one of the first LGBT couples in mainstream anime in America. The Death Busters make their debut as the arc’s major antagonist, as Sailor Moon and her friends deal with several Daimons in the process.

A Solid return for Sailor Moon classic.

THE BAD: A lot of Part 1 of Sailor Moon S feels more random and filler than serialized story progression, and it’s very noticeable throughout the watch of the set.

Mimete, one of the Death Busters.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Though there’s a ton of filler at least from the feel of things, Sailor Moon S Part 1 still sets up the Death Busters arc quite well, a number of episodes kind of have a monster of the week vibe, but the character development for certain characters make it easy to look past Part 1’s minor unpleasantness. Otaku Dome gives Sailor Moon S Part 1 a 80 out of 100.


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