Larian Studios has added more details for Divinity: Original Sins II:

Divinity: Original Sin II Unlocks Romances and Shapeshifting
Begins 24 Hour Streaming Finale

Since announcing Chris Avellone’s upcoming contributions to Divinity: Original Sin II, campaign backers (including PayPal pledges) have unlocked two additional stretch goals; Love & Hate and the Shapeshifting Mask.

With Love & Hate, Larian Studios will create even more dynamic relationships, including friendships, bitter rivalries, and yes, even romance. The Shapeshifting Mask will allow players the ability to assume different roles entirely, such as switching from a human to a lizard, opening up the potential for completely new styles of play.

The Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close and, with one day left on the clock, Larian Studios is announcing a 24-hour streaming Twitchathon as they push toward the final stretch goals.

The live event will feature special guests, rival battles including RPG Codex vs. RPG Watch, inside looks at features like Strategist Mode and modding tools, dev streams, community chats, and more.

The Divinity: Original Sin II Twitchathon starts today at 3pm CEST / 6am PT: and Larian Studios are also announcing a community brainstorming session. pledged $10,000 to the Kickstarter campaign and is turning to the fans to help create a memorable character to be featured in Divinity: Original Sin II.

Fans can submit their suggestions to here:


Divinity: Original Sin II on Kickstarter

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