Riddle Story of Devil is an anime series that focuses on a group of female assassin’s on an assignment to kill one of their classmate. The catch is they have to figure out which classmate is the target of attack. Main character Tokaku Azuma ends up falling for the target, Haru Ichinose.


Riddle Story of Devil is an 2014 Seinen anime series, it is produced by Diomedea, and licensed by Funimation. It is currently available on DVD.

Tokaku on the offensive.

Tokaku on the offensive.

Riddle Story of Devil is the story of assassin Tokaku Azuma, an trained assassin who along with other assassins from her organization are sent to an all girls school to assassinate one of their classmates in Class Black. A skilled knife wielder, Tokaku is an emotionally empty girl, even when her boss calls her worthless and messed up. This changes after she meets Class Black classmate Haru Ichinose.

Tokaku (right) & Haru (left).

Tokaku (right) & Haru (left).

THE GOOD: Short, sweet, and to the point, Riddle Story of Devil is a great series, especially if you’re looking to knock out a few hours when having nothing on your schedule. Great animation and some cool action scenes help weed out the small amount of ecchi.

A troubled girl in love.

A troubled girl in love.

THE BAD: Not very much bad here except that it’s only 12 episodes, thirteen counting the OVA.

Riddle Story of Devil is an dark yuri anime story.

Riddle Story of Devil is an dark yuri anime story.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Riddle Story of Devil is a fun time killer if you can spare the few hours. Great action, animation, and a decent story to boot, anime viewers should definitely give the first few episodes a try to get a full opinion on the series. Otaku Dome gives Riddle Story of Devil an 78 out 100.

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