Main titular characters Rick and Morty continue their oddball inter-dimensional adventures in Rick and Morty season two. Featuring storylines that both further and threaten to tear apart their close bond, Rick and Morty meet a number of new threats, betrayals, and revelations.


Rick and Morty is an 2013 science fiction series, it is produced by William Street, and currently airs on Adult Swim. Season one is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray with season two releasing this June.

"Everybody stop remembering!"

“Everybody stop remembering!”

Editor’s Note: Rick & Morty: The Complete Second Season releases June 7th on DVD & Blu-Ray, advanced review copy was provided by Adult Swim.

Having previously seen Dan Harmon’s work on Community, I got interested when his animated series project would be announced. This would eventually become Rick & Morty; an almost direct parody of Back to the Future and several other classic science fiction shows. Rick and Morty is dark, original, and hilariously twisted in it’s sense of humor, character development, and other elements that makes it a must watch for sci-fi fans.

Rick and Morty brings unity to the sci-fi community.

Rick and Morty brings unity to the sci-fi community.

THE GOOD: Rick and Morty season two continues it’s smartly written journey of the titular characters. With new character development that sends Morty on a more upward path, and Rick even further on his downward spiral.  Summer sort of becomes a defecto third member of the crew popping in here and there and getting into a competition of sorts against Morty for Rick’s attention. Rick’s ultimate sacrifice to save his family, shows that despite his tendency to be an ass he does love his family to the point where he’ll do anything to see them survive (one Rick from an alternate dimension even willingly sacrifices himself to make sure Morty lives..until an option to keep himself alive occurs). The Blu-Ray set like the previous season includes uncensored audio, commentary, and deleted animatics.

Season 2 got swifty.

Season 2 got swifty.

THE BAD: Nothing.

Season two does the impossible and greatly improves from where season one left us.

Season two does the impossible and greatly improves from where season one left us.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Rick and Morty continues the portal jumping journey of Grandpa and Grandson. Season two featured mind-boggling twists and plots that will keep viewers guessing long into season three. Otaku Dome gives Rick and Morty The Complete Second Season an 96 out of 100.

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