Revolutionary Girl Utena comes home to Blu-Ray thanks to Rightstuf’s anime production studio Nozomi Entertainment. Based on the 1996 shojo manga of the same name, Revolutionary Girl Utena focuses on lead character Utena Tenjou; a magical girl looking to become Prince and to protect her best friend and love interest Anthy Himemiya. Revolutionary Girl Utena went on to become not only one of the most important anime in the yuri genre, but one of the most important adaptations of the 90s.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a 1997 shojo, yuri anime series, it is produced by JC Staff, and licensed by Rightstuf/Nozomi Entertainment. It is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray in English.

Editor’s Note: A Blu-Ray review copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena was provided by Rightstuf and Nozomi Entertainment. 

Main characters Anthy (left) and Utena (right) as they appear in the anime.

Revolutionary Girl Utena’s development is rather odd development wise, both the anime and manga went into production around the same time, however the manga would reach finished product over a year ahead of the anime. While on paper it would seem that this would provide the anime with enough material to emulate the manga it was decided that both incarnations of the series would have separate directions. For example, titular lead Utena is outright bisexual in the anime and is in love with her best friend Anthy, whereas in the manga counterpart Utena is in love with her male companion Touga & Anthy with only small hints of her true sexual orientation shown. Never the less both versions of the series are highly regarded as some of the best shojo of the 90s.

Utena is about identity crisis and sexuality.

THE GOOD: There were many anime series released between 1990-99, but there’s only one Revolutionary Girl Utena. A series with themes focused on sexual orientation, LGBT, personal identity, and other mature themes that was somewhat unheard of at the time, especially for anime. Lead character Utena (in the anime) is a magical girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend and meets the co-lead Anthy, whom she originally thought was responsible for the break up. The two eventually become best friends and later lovers. Outside of Anthy & Utena’s relationship, the core story revolves around Utena protecting her title as the “Rose Bride” as the “Engaged” at Ohtori Academy. This is usually done by participating in a duel with another magical girl who currently holds the Rose Crest ring, which grants them the right to challenge the Engaged.

A truly “Revolutionary” series.

THE BAD: Beyond the disconnections with the manga there’s not too much wrong with Revolutionary Girl Utena.

One of the greatest anime classics which inspired a genre.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Revolutionary Girl Utena will have you smiling with joy upon your first watch. It’s mature themes, characters, and writing make it a timeless classic deserving of a Blu-Ray re-release, and anime fans of all kinds can revel in its quality. Otaku Dome gives Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1 an 87 out of 100. A brand new Ultra Edition Blu-Ray can be pre-ordered at Rightstuf here,the stand alone sets on Blu-Ray can be purchased at these links set 1, set 2, and set 3

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