Overall score 83

Watch Dogs 2 marks a new beginning for Ubisoft’s new open-world title, making vast changes and improvements from the original game, the series looks for a more “real life” like open world setting, delving even deeper into the high tech lifestyle of the American hacker.

Watch Dogs 2 is an 2016 open-world, action-adventure game, it is developed and published by Ubisoft. It is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

New lead Marcus Holloway is far more likable than the previous.

In Watch Dogs 2 players once again take on the role of a city hacker, however Aiden Pearce has been replaced by new, but greatly skilled hacker Aiden Pearce. This time hacking, driving, and a number of issues from the previous game feel far more fleshed with a more alive feeling open-world, however there are still some annoying issues that hold Watch Dogs 2 back from being truly great.

Meet San Fran’s DedSec.

THE GOOD: Watch Dogs 2’s story while less serious than the original, is still fun loving and you don’t necessarily need to kill in order to progress or have some of that fun. The characters are much more likable here than in Watch Dogs 1 and the core gameplay feels far more fluid than before. You actually seem as though you’re playing as a genuine modern day hacker during the game’s run with the improved hacking mechanics. Driving was also overhauled as I didn’t have the sensation of moving a cardboard box while behind the wheel of a car in the game.

Murder is only an option in Watch Dogs 2.

Character development while inconsistent worked better this time around due to the aforementioned more likable cast. The setting of San Francisco felt far more memorable in comparison to the rather emptiness left behind from Watch Dog’s Chicago.

Watch Dogs 2’s gameplay.

THE BAD: Gunplay is still pretty much just there, I actually had more fun taking enemies down through other means such as Marcus’ yo-yo. As stated earlier, despite being more likable the character cast had a few inconsistencies, and there were some annoying game breaking glitches.

A great sequel missing a piece of the puzzle for perfection.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Watch Dogs 2 far succeeds some of the predecessor’s clumsiness, but other issues, some persistent hold it back from finding true game of the year magic.

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