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The sequel to 2014’s surprise hit The Evil Within; The Evil Within 2 is out now on PC and console. Once again taking on the role of Sebastian Castellanos, players are faced with the threat of MOBIUS three years after the events of the first game. Only this time you most work together and enter STEM in order to save Sebastian’s daughter Lily.

The Evil Within 2 is a 2017 action game, it is developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda. It is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Editor’s Note: An Xbox One review copy of The Evil Within 2 was provided by Bethesda.

Despite an obvious change in direction, The Evil Within 2 never loses it’s original spirit.

Originally releasing in 2014, former Resident Evil producer Shinji Mikami provided us with our first look into his return to the horror video game genre with new IP The Evil Within. It made recent iterations of Resident Evil feel like the true action revamp that it had become, as the new title was full of scares, terror, and a damn good horror heavy time. Unfortunately, while The Evil Within’s sequel remains as good as and in many ways superior to it’s predecessor, I can’t help but feel like it eventually becomes the horror vision which Mikami has grown tired of.

A great horror game gets a fantastic action-esque sequel.

THE GOOD: If there’s one thing that can be said about The Evil Within 2 which was retained from the original it’s that the story is as well written as ever. Though the original game felt like exploring an all too real haunted house, the sequel takes things into a much more open space, though it doesn’t give off a fake, forced attempt at an open-world game. While the map is indeed much bigger, most of the ares are condensed spaces with some decent exploration. You can find secrets including weapon and tool upgrades, as well as safe houses which introduces new characters and even some side quests. Speaking of side quests, while most games like these tend to have rather repetitive, time killing, nothing side quests The Evil Within 2 does actually bother with providing some story and new scenery for nearly all of them. This makes for fun distraction with the main quest which does tend to have a slow down period here and there, so the added balance between the two is a welcomed sight.

For all that’s wrong with The Evil Within 2, there’s way too much right.

THE BAD: The Evil Within 2 while still maintaining most of it’s spirit, does loss sight of what it was supposed to be which a return to form of it’s roots. The new action direction becomes far too obvious with every passing hour, and although it tries to get in some scares most of the time they just don’t work outside of close calls during actual gameplay from enemy attacks, especially in gang ups.

If only we had just a little bit more of this The Evil Within 2 would be a perfect sequel.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Evil Within 2 is at it’s core just as good as the original game. While the action direction isn’t necessarily bad, it does take away from the originality and “back to basics” feel of the first game. Tango did try to keep the scare factor in check, but it ultimately falls short, but for those interested in continuing Sebastian’s journey they won’t be disappointed with the overall end result.




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