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Bethesda’s classic 2011 RPG gets re-imagined in VR on Playstation 4. In a bit of an odd port, Skyrim performs way better than you would think as a VR title but there is some success to the revision. However, with any leap such as this for an older title there are some hiccups.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a 2017 VR port of the 2011 game of the same name, it is developed and published by Bethesda. It is currently available on PC and Playstation VR.

Editor’s Note: A PSVR review copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR was provided by Bethesda.

Become the Dragonborn once more in VR.

To start things off, let me just say that Skyrim is still a great, albeit aged game and it’s great that Bethesda wants to keep it relevant with different iterations and what not. Even as a VR title it’s still above your average to solid VR game, but it does have some glaring issues that hold it back. Admittedly however, this is more than likely PSVR still getting the hang of running full games rather than the fault of Skyrim’s.

Skyrim VR is a better attempt than most VR ports/experiences.

THE GOOD: Firstly, one has to give Bethesda credit for going the distance and having the VR port of Skyrim designed to be a full-length game rather than an hour or so experience such as with Final Fantasy XV or Resident Evil 7. It shows they’re committed to keeping Skyrim playable to as many people as humanly possible, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing others should experience a fantastic game like Skyrim in anyway they can. When it works Skyrim VR is a damn good time and if Bethesda and Sony can work together to fix the technical problems it’s a must buy for PSVR owners down the line.

Experience becoming the Dragonborn in VR.

THE BAD: There’s a lot of tracking issues, drifting with the PS Move controllers simply doesn’t work all the time and it can be more than an annoyance (these seem to have been fixed as of now, and the base PS4 controller can be used if you’d like). While some text have been enlarged others such as for notifications appear too small and feel useless mostly due to not being able to see them. Other texts such as for menus were near unreadable unless you bothered to move around.

A good yet flawed attempt at a genuine VR port.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Skyrim VR is a great vision into what’s to come for PSVR and VR games in general. Though technical issues hold it back a great deal, it’s still a Skyrim port like any other which is nothing to snub.



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