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Skylanders: Trap Team is finally out to fans of the ongoing toy-to-game series. With a new enemy capture mechanic it provides perhaps the most unique gameplay experience since the series’ initial conception. And playing as a bad guy has never felt so good.



Skylanders: Trap Team is a 2014 action-adventure, platforming game. It is developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. It is available on Nintendo 3DS, as well as current and last gen consoles.


With all the fun of swapping body parts from last year’s entry, Toys for Bob has out done themselves by allowing players access to villains of the Skylanders Universe. This provides far more depth and extra replay value as players continue their journey with the Skylanders.

Kaos is still awesome.

Kaos is still awesome.


THE GOOD: In Skylanders Trap Team you’re given the ability to play as a villain and even more importantly a boss you’ve just face as long as they’re capture able. You of course need traptanium with the correct element in order to trap the villain in question. The number of Skylanders and playable villains provided a ton of replay value and exploration.  The voice acting is still top notch, and the game features some fan favorite voice actors such as Richard Steven Horvitz.

Tag teaming in Trap Team.

Tag teaming in Trap Team.


THE BAD: If you don’t have at least one Skylander in each element it will leave a lot of exploration cut off. This isn’t really a bad thing, but players will miss out on some key bonuses.

One of the many trappable villains.

One of the many trappable villains.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: Trap Team is is a great entry into the ongoing Skylanders franchise, and with the ability to trap villains it provided more replay value and variety for fans. The voice acting in some of the best in video games, featuring some key players in American animation including Invader Zim’s Richard Steven Horvitz and Family Guy’s Patrick Warburton. Exploration is limited if you don’t have at least one Skylander of each element, which is a bummer.

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