Overall score 98

The much anticipated beauty from PlayStation C.A.M.P, Rain has finally been released, but was the wait worth it? Find out in our review below.




Rain (stylized as rain), is a 2013 platforming adventure game, it is developed & published by PlayStation C.A.M.P, and Sony Computer Entertainment and available exclusively on the PlayStation 3.




THE GOOD: Simply put, Rain is an emotional masterpiece, you feel what the characters are going through with each passing chapter from the dangers, to the happiness, to the sadness and fear. You feel what the characters (known simply as the Boy & the Girl) are   going through. You want them to succeed, you want them to escape the Unknown and the other beasts throughout the world, and when they do you can’t help but at least smile a bit even with these small victories.




The beauty of the rain throughout the world, and the dark, gloomy look, it gives.



Sights and sound played a big part in rain’s world and gameplay. You would have to be quick on your feet to escape the enemies,  taking chances when only a few seconds for escape was available to you. You have to take cover under blanks, tarp and whatever else you need in order to press forward and escape the wrath of the Unknown using sound and the visibility of your footsteps  to guide you without actually seeing the silhouette of your character.




The Girl and the Boy working together during gameplay.



Despite the fact that this game is made to played by anyone, it has some dark moments in it, but these scenes are prime examples of what makes Rain so special on an emotional level. The music was a nice touch of a classic Paris like vibe, and Connie Talbot sung the theme song “Clair de Lune” in a way that pieced the feel of the entire game together during the closing scene.




The Boy on his lonesome.



THE BAD: There was moments in the game when things were frustratingly difficult especially during an Unknown chase scene, but these were mild at worst. It also had cheap deaths during platforming (particularly during a high jump).





The Boy and the Girl gain a sense of hope.




OVERALL THOUGHTS: Rain is a beautiful, emotional masterpiece that takes advantage of the players emotions and senses that gives the end result of a great gaming experience. Using fear, sight, and sound as a way to keep players locked in both emotionally and curiously was well done. Gameplay had a few hiccups, but you continue onward as you want to see the Girl and Boy succeed the more you play.





2 Responses so far.

  1. CONOR says:

    decent game 7/10 :mj

  2. Scott Ross says:

    This game looks pretty interesting. I might need to give it a shot.

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