Overall score 70

Perception is an adventure horror game that pits players in the role of blind lead Chloe. She traverse the game world by seeing it with echolocation. Attempting to unlock the mysteries of her past Chloe returns to Gloucester, Massachusetts exploring a haunted mansion. Sound is key to traversing the mansion as Chloe’s past unravels.

Perception is a 2017 adventure game, it is developed by The Deep End Games, and published by Feardemic. It is currently available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and soon Nintendo Switch.

How Chloe perceives the world.

Editor’s Note: Playstation 4 review code provided by Feardemic.

Perception is a rather interesting game with a great concept, but execution for said concept holds back what could have been. Chloe is a fine lead and the game’s voice actress does an excellent job of making her feel real. The main problem (and a major one) is that the game can get a little old fast.

Most of what you see here is usually what you’ll get playing Perception.

THE GOOD: If you’ve ever wondered what a Daredevil game would be like to play, then Perception is probably the closest you’ll get to the would be experience. Using echolocation & sounds lead character Chloe traverses an old, supposedly haunted mansion in an attempt to unlock the secrets of her past. While Perception presents itself as a horror experience, at its heart it’s very much a thriller more so than a flat out “monster game”. Yes there’s an entity wandering the mansion, but it rarely shows up, in fact it doesn’t make it’s grand debut until the second half of the game, and even then it’s used sparingly, but this is done intentionally as it is a tool only meant to increase to tension of the atmosphere in small doses.

This isn’t Alien: Isolation, nor should it be treated as such.

THE BAD: Unfortunately by the halfway point the mansion tends to over stay its welcome. While not what the game is about, it may have been ideal to increase the number of times the entity appeared forcing players to run, hide, and explore the mansion and unlock new optional secrets.

A great that reaches a downward spiral.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Perception is a thriller with a hint of horror, Chloe is a likable character mainly due to the performance of her voice actress. The gameplay is that of classic exploration as an ghastly entity hunts you down (rarely), while uncovering the secrets of Chole’s life, as well as the mansion’s. Environments get a tad boring prior to the game’s end which is disappointing.


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