Overall score 85

The AAA sequel to acclaimed indie hit Outlast takes us out of the mental hospital and into a horrific, semi-open world experience. In Outlast 2 you play as investigative journalist Blake Langermann whom was working with his wife Lynn in Supai, Arizona. The two crash-land their plane, and Lynn is kidnapped by cultist. Blake must now go through hell & back to rescue her, while solving his own mysterious past.

Outlast 2 is an 2017 survival horror game, it is developed & published by Red Barrels, it is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

True horror returns in Outlast 2.

In 2013 Red Barrels released surprise horror game hit Outlast, taking place within the confines of a mental hospital thought to be haunted, but the reality of the terror was much more frightening than a possible haunting. The sequel amps up the terrifying circumstances ten fold as players are thrust into a near open-world fear for all.

Outlast 2 holds no punches in the AAA sequel.

THE GOOD: Once again tackling the shoes of an investigative journalist (albeit a much more professional one), lead character Blake Langermann much face two psychotic cults waging a religious war with one another as he attempts to save his now mysteriously pregnant wife. Players are back to fighting, or rather running from threats on all sides armed with only their legs to escape and camera with night vision to record the catastrophes awaiting them.

Marta the mutilator.

The jump in quality from a graphically standpoint is almost immediately noticeable, while the original entry had modest graphics, Outlast 2 has been powered by an engine that makes it look like a true AAA experience. The fear used within the borders between psychological and supernatural horror as you traverse Supai. As you cross the world you collect video and written pieces to the puzzle surrounding Temple Gate & its cultist.

Classic horror genre elements are used to terrify players.

THE BAD: Enemy AI can often be ridiculously high, especially for more prominent story enemies such as Marta. The collectible video and written notes can be a tad confusing when piecing together the story, and some of which can be out of order, and Blake’s dialogue will often not match up with recorded video, causing further confusion.

While not perfect, Outlast 2’s scare factor is satisfying enough to keep players going.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Though the story can be all over the place at times, Outlast 2 does its job of being genuinely scary and fun horror game. With supreme graphics and improved core mechanics, fans of the original should have an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.


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