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Bandai Namco looks to ease the itch and long wait of the Nintendo Switch’s VC absence with a collection of it’s classic titles on the go. Packed with eleven titles including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and more Namco Museum effectively brings about an impressive bundle for a budget price.

Namco Museum is a 2017 game compilation, it is developed and published by Nintendo and is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Editor’s Note: Review copy for Namco Museum provided by Bandai Namco, our review policy can be seen here.

Pac-Man challenge mode.

In a world full of gamers looking to get a kick out of the latest advancements in gaming tech, there are still those of both the older and newer gaming generations who’re looking for new ways to play their favorite games, rather they be five years old or twenty to thirty years old. Namco Museum provides a fairly decent sized catalog of games from the past of coin operated arcade games, all with the added option of playing them on the go with the Nintendo Switch’s portable mode.

Sky Hunter, Pac-Man, and more on the go.

THE GOOD: Obviously the most attractive feature of Namco Museum is the portability. However, Namco Museum also has a near flawless emulation of the titles present, including borders on both sides of the screen that give off the presentation of an arcade cabinet. The catalog felt carefully chosen to fit the Switch in either gameplay mode between dock & portable, and the price for the bundle compared to what you’d pay for these titles individually on the eShop is hard to pass up. There’s even potential for more titles to be release via DLC, and there’s possibly room for more Namco Museum comps on the Switch down the line.

Portability & authenticity are Namco Museum’s biggest draws.

THE BAD: The catalog is a little short, but this is a minor annoyance above all else.

Pac-Man VS is the only modernish title included.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While many Switch owners impatiently wait for the launch of the platform’s Virtual Console, Namco Museum is a sweet itch killer with some great classic games to enjoy at a much cheaper price than they’re currently available.



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