Overall score 76

Marvel VS Capcom returns to console and PC in the newest entry, ‘Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite’. Featuring a mixture of both new and returning characters to the roster including Spider-Man, Nemesis, Mega Man, and many more. Infinite boasts a few new features such as the Infinity Stones, while also taking away staple MVC classic mechanics.

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite is a 2017 fighting game, it is developed and published by Capcom, and is available for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Not the Marvel VS Capcom you may remember. and for the most part that’s ok.

After a six year exit from the previous entry not counting Ultimate MVC3, Marvel’s foundation of it’s sizable list of crossover fighters returns in Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite. Featuring both returning and brand new characters to the roster Infinite provides player with a mix of classic and brand new tweaks and features. While some features are better than others, said others feel like an unnecessary sacrifice for what was removed form games of years past.

Ryu takes on Doctor Strange.

THE GOOD: If there’s one thing to say about Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, it’s good to see a few characters making a debut this time around. Seeing Black Panther & Winter Soldier debut brought indescribable joy to my heart, granted these characters probably wouldn’t have debuted if it wasn’t for their respective films and Marvel’s current licensing issues. Despite that it felt good seeing them brought aboard. One of the new aforementioned mechanics is the introduction of the infinity Stone. Replacing a third teammate, the Infinity Stone acts as a buff or unique ability to turn the fighter back to the user’s side, and it’s easily the biggest draw of the game. The story while st times a tad off had some enjoyable moments with Ultron & Sigma (for some reason) acting as the big bads.

Infinity Stones are a saving grace for Infinite.

THE BAD: While Marvel VS Capcom: Infiinite’s new features are fun and bring a lot of freshness to the gameplay, they’re just not enough to satisfy the loss of 3v3 and other mechanics from the past. Another issue is that the game’s menus can often times feel extremely plain, even the end game for story feels uninspired with no end card or the like. Character models can be a bit off putting at times as well.

A solid if not lacking return for Marvel VS Capcom.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite could have gone wrong with the new direction, and issues out of Capcom’s hands with Marvel, FOX, and co., but it’s a solid fighting game which brings about good times, if not also a small feeling of void from time to time.

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