Overall score 75

Ubisoft wants players to Just Dance again, with a track list of over 40 songs, the game gives you plenty of option to do just that. Fans of today’s hottest artist and some classic artist,  as well as new game modes, there’s plenty of reasons to Just Dance.



Just Dance 2015 is an 2014 dancing game, it is developed and published by Ubisoft. It is available on current and last gen consoles.


Just Dance has been around almost as long as Dance Dance Revolution, or at least it feels that way with the many entries compiled into the franchise. Even then you’d think it would get tiresome using your console to tell you to dance, but the simple and mindless fun keeps bringing you back for more.

Just Dance in action.

Just Dance in action.

THE GOOD: Just Dance has never been about a good story anything close to it, it wants you to do exactly what it’s title suggests, to Just Dance. The large roster of songs provides fans of almost every genre something to enjoy, which is good as there’s no need for a spin-off of a certain genre, well maybe if you’re a Metal fan, but odds are most metal fans are looking to play Just Dance 2015. The simplistic fun factor from previous entries remains, making it easy to just pick up and play. The Just Dance Now mobile app can have your smartphone act as an extra controller, pretty much meaning anyone can join in.

Joining in the fun has never been easier with the Just Dance Now app.

Joining in the fun has never been easier with the Just Dance Now app.

THE BAD: Despite 40 songs seeming like a lot, if you play through the game enough, you’ll blow through those fast. Luckily DLC helps close the gap between the songs you’ve used and those you haven’t. Another issue is that one genre will have more songs than the other.

Grab some friends and Just Dance.

Grab some friends and Just Dance.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: Just Dane 2015 is the mindlessly fun dance game we all know and love. The 45 songs makes for a great amount of fun, but you’ll burn through those songs pretty quickly, and will have to turn to DLC for more.  Also some genres have more songs than others which might be a personal issue for some players.



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