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Indie platformer Gris is now available on the PC and Nintendo Switch and it’s one of the most beautiful games you’ll play in 2018. Akin to ThatGameComany’s Journey, you control a young woman who traverses a vast land using unique abilities to get across the world map coming across multiple dangers including weather and monsters.

Gris is a 2018 platform game, it is developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

Editor’s Note: A Nintendo Switch review copy of Gris was provided by Devolver Digital in support of this review.

A beautiful world is presented in a story with no real destination.

Gris is a game that almost instantly grabbed my attention the second it was announced by Devolver several weeks back. Having been a huge fan of Journey which was really my first taste of indie gaming, I was instantly taken by Gris’ similar levels of charm and direction. While Journey had a noticeably higher budget the meaning and designs of the two titles are very much the same and it’s telling it’s players that this is about moving not exactly where to, but how far.

The player character of Gris.

THE GOOD: If you’re a fan of the aforementioned Journey, then Gris’ style of art and aesthetics will likely be right up your alley. While the concept of death doesn’t really exist in Gris there is danger here and there in the form of natural circumstances such as sand storms. But for the most part however the player character is relatively safe from any real physical harm. Certain environmental hazards will get in the player character’s way often, but she gains the abilities to overcome them during the playthrough. Such as transforming into a sting ray to travel through areas full of water or turning into a heavy stone block to break areas with cracks in them.

Water coloring is used for most of Gris’ design.

THE BAD: The lack of a sense of direction can get confusing upon starting the game, but Gris makes exploration a point so if you feel the need to go to this area vs that area just do it and keep on moving from there.

Powers used to aide the player character in travel provide the ability to travel across several different terrains.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Gris may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate it’s artistic style and aesthetic they’ll be in for a fantastic ride to the very end.

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