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Incredibly popular Japanese mobile RPG, Fate/Grand Order has finally made its English release in North America. Making its way to iOS and Android smart devices, the Fate/Stay Night spinoff series features a visual novel like play style, with players acting as “Masters” who summon “Servants” with special abilities as their combatants.

Fate/Grand Order is a 2015 mobile RPG, it is developed by Type-Moon, and published by Aniplex. The English-language version of the game is currently available on Android and iOS.

The battlefield of Fate/Grand Order.

In this mobile spinoff of Fate/Stay Night, you play as a “Master” a young boy, or girl who has the ability to summon “Servants” who act as familiars to due battle with the enemy. In the story, the player must use time travel to execute the “Grand Order” a mission to save mankind from extinction set to occur within the in-game year of 2016. In order to avoid such extinction players must defeat space-time anomalies effecting history.

Fate/Grand Order gameplay.

THE GOOD: For the most part standard mobile turn-based RPG gameplay applies to Fate/Grand Order, however certain attack combinations can lead to certain skills such as an extra attack, or NP (Noble Phantasm) buff, or an absolutely beautifully animated special attack. These skills are done by card characters, there are three types of attacks including: Buster, Quick, Arts. Buster: is the extra damage attack, Quick: while weak, gives a higher chance of criticals, Art: fills the NP gauge for a powerful magic attack. Along the way you can level up as a “Master” for further improvement.

The card selection of Fate/Grand Order.

The roster features a huge array of characters spanning from those original to Fate/Grand Order, to much more established Fate characters such as Hercules. Some of these characters have also been redesigned specifically for Fate/Grand Order as well. If you’ve played the standard card collection mobile game, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Grand Order, story wise however may be another issue. I’d highly recommend seeing the anime special Fate/Grand Order: First Order anime special for a better grasp on the story. It does a better job of explaining the context, at least in my personal opinion.

The user’s deck collection in Fate/Grand Order.

THE BAD: The level up system is a little strange, for example your favorite/most used Servants aren’t necessarily what you get to level up, you must unlock specific experience cards to level up specific Servants. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of the system, but it will take time.

Fate/Grand Order’s mission map.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: If you’re a Fate fan, or regular mobile player looking for something new and excellently designed within the mobile gaming world, then Fate/Grand Order is a solid pick up. Strong animation, a unique visual novel to mobile game style, and solid, yet fun gameplay makes Fate/Grand Order hard to not add to at least a short list of regular mobile games played.


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