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Codemasters’ latest racing game is the new F1 2017, based on the Formula One racing circuit. Featuring a new career mode and improvements from last year’s installment, F1 2017 is a racer for both fans and newcomers alike to enjoy.

F1 2017 is a 2017 racing simulator game, it is developed and published by Codemasters, it is available on PC & Mac, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Editor’s Note: A review copy for F1 2017 was provided by Codemasters. 

The beauty of F1 2017’s graphics.

While I’m not the biggest racing fan or gamer for that matter, even I have to appreciate the grand attention to detail Codemasters has for Formula One, and it’s especially noticeable in this year’s entry. While last year’s entry impressed, this year Codemasters took things to the next level with rewarding gameplay (especially as you learn to drive well), and a more natural look to it’s subject matter.

A great entry point for newcomers.

THE GOOD: Career mode is fun, intriguing, and very involving for players and definitely aimed towards fans of the sport. The game feels far more realistic than the previous entry with car parts that will eventually experience wear and tear and need replacing upon breaking down. You’ll also receive grid penalties for going over your quota of components. And if you actually progress as a drive it’s an especially rewarding experience and makes practice feeling like a necessity as you play.

Solid customization and grand realism.

THE BAD: Classical cars might disappoint major fans, but newcomers probably won’t mind or notice. While the realism is appreciated from a technical standpoint, it may be enough to scare off new fans as it can get fairly complex. Crashes, if you’re into that sort of thing also lack impressiveness.

Codemasters’ F1 franchise keeps getting better with each release.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: F1 2017 continues Codemasters’ success as a racing game developer with continuous improvements and very few step backs every new entry. F1 2017 succeeds as a racer for fans of the subject matter, but though there can be some overwhelming complexities, it also opens itself up to brand new fans as well.


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