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Disney Infinity makes it’s own spin on the Smash Bros fighter model with the newly released Battlegrounds play set. Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes battle it out in an all out four player brawling mode, complete with new powers, and destructible environments.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, is an 2015 toy-to-life video game, it is developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive. It is currently available on PC, console, and handheld gaming systems.

Battlegrounds in action.

Battlegrounds in action.

The Battlegrounds play set completely changes Disney Infinity from the fun loving open world adventure game, into an hard hitting fighter that gives Marvel characters (both from 2.0 &  3.0 Editions), their own sets of moves and finishers, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Complete with it’s own story attached Battlegrounds makes a huge step in keeping 3.0 Edition feeling fresh, and the series as a whole feeling new without the aid of a sequel.

A change in scenery changes the game for the better.

A change in scenery changes the game for the better.

THE GOOD: The fact that all Marvel figures from the 2.0 & 3,0 Editions are compatible with Battlegrounds is more than enough reason to give the new play set a go, but beyond that turning Disney Infinity into a fighter works so well, that there’d be no love lost if Disney eventually considers a full on fighter spin off of the series. Every character feels different, to the point where those who have characters with high experience levels will be able to notice. The destructible environments, the interactivity between levels, and the power discs all felt useful, and it really gives off some serious Smash Bros vibe & is likely the closest we’ll ever get to a true clone of the series on a competitive level.

Four player action works in Disney Infinity.

Four player action works in Disney Infinity.

THE BAD: The only bummer is that Battlegrounds is locked to Marvel Characters.

The brawl for all.

The brawl for all.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: If Marvel Battlegrounds is the first step in a big year of non-sequel content for Disney Infinity, then we’re in for a fun time. Marvel Battlegrounds changing the game dynamic is an successful experiment that could be added to future installments of the series, and brings the imagination of what could be and what should be next to endless possibilities. If Disney can make this series feel like a genuine, well designed fighter, then there’s truly no telling what else they can do with it from this point forward.


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