Turtle Beach has released a new affordable headset in the form of the Recon Chat. Featuring multiple platform support, this small but powerful headset device gives even the most expensive of its competition a run for their money, and it’s even glasses friendly for gamers with eye wear.

The Turtle Beach Recon Chat is a 2017 gaming headset, it is designed & produced by Turtle Beach. It is currently available for console and mobile devices.

The Recon Chat out of box.

If you fancy yourself a serious online gamer, then often times you’ll see yourself buying the most expensive, most quality gaming headset you can find on the market. The Turtle Beach Recon headset looks to eliminate the expense issue at the very least, and it’s one of the few headsets to due so with little doubt.

For those OCD about console matching, the Recon Chat comes in console matching colors.

THE GOOD: Turtle Beach’s $20 headset is the “little engine that could” of gaming headsets, while it definitely has a cheap look which can be a bit of an eyesore, don’t let it blind you to its power & quality as a headset device. Featuring crystal clear audio, with no back audio coming from the user’s TV sets, the Recon Chat is extremely reliable & comfortable, especially for glasses wearing gamers like myself. I can’t tell how uncomfortable (and pissed) I’d get using headsets with my glasses on to game online, to the point of actually removing my glasses in frustration. Thankfully that issue has been put to rest with the Recon Chat.

Don’t let its design fool you, the Recon Chat is very comfortable.

THE BAD: The cheap design for its price is very noticeable.

A powerful headset bang for your buck.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Recon Chat while having the look of cheap simplicity, will be an amazing surprise for those who can look past its price and design. The audio quality both in & out exceed expectations tot he point that you’ll forget the superficial outlook of it all, and its a major plus for eye wear gamers. Otaku Dome gives the Turtle Beach Recon Chat a 90 out of 100.

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