The first three volumes of the popular web comic turned printed manga; One Punch-Man has reached American audiences. Great action, different art styles, and some seriously hysterical comedy makes One Punch Man a great new western debut from overseas. Following the adventures of Saitama; a young man who becomes a hero for fun, One Punch-Man features a number of one off villains (due to Saitama literally killing them in one blow), fun side characters, and the Hero Association.


One Punch-Man is an 2012 Seinen manga, it is published by Shueisha, and licensed by Viz Media. It is currently available in English in both printed and digital format.

Strong use of basic and advanced art work helped One Punch Man feel fresh.

Strong use of basic and advanced art work helped One Punch Man feel fresh.

One Punch-Man is an Japanese web comic that became mainstream in a rather short amount of time. Only in it’s third year running, the comic has received an printed edition, and even an anime that premiered earlier this year.

Saitama's supposed training to become a god.

Saitama’s supposed training to become a god.

THE GOOD: One Punch-Man has great mix of comedy and action panels. The differnt facial expressions mixed in with different art styles, helps bring out Saitama’s character. It does an excellent job parodying over-powered Shounen characters through Saitama himself. One-Punch-Man also does an excellent job of distracting the audience from it’s lack of action compared to most action centric manga by it’s heavy use of comedy and using other characters to fill out the action scenes which is usually voided when Saitama is the focus until the end of the chapter/arc.

Saitama's true physic.

Saitama’s true physic.

THE BAD: The story can be a little fast paced due to how Saitama and the plot are written out. It also kind of sucks that certain villains are done after an single arc due to Saitama’s god-like abilities.

Saitama bites through a sword.

Saitama bites through a sword.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: One Punch-Man is a brilliant written manga series, though some of writing has it’s flaws. For example, fans shouldn’t expect many of their favorite villains to stick around as about 80% or so are killed off after a single arc. Though this flaw can be ignored as the main focus later on in the story becomes the Hero Association rather than the villains. The heavy use of basic and advanced art to give readers a visual of Saitama’s current emotions (which he usually lacks due to his boredom) did an excellent job of putting his character into context. The fast pace will eventually throw people off here and there, but you can pick back up on the story shortly after. Otaku Dome gives One Punch-Man Volume 1 an 89 out of 100, Volume 2 an 84 out of 100, and Volume 3 an 91 out of 100.

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