Omakase is a brand new bi-monthly subscription box service aimed at anime & manga fans. Costing $29 every 2 months, Omakase provides not only a physical box, but as well as an premium ad-free streaming service that has anime, as well as some online comics. Provided by Viewster, Omakase will bring it to the competition because of one word; exclusives.


Omakase is an 2015 anime & manga subscrption box service & streaming platform. It is provided by Viewster.

One of the many exclusives Omakase provides in it's box.

One of the many exclusives Omakase provides in it’s box.

As my subscription box service binge continues, we take a look at Omakase. One of the newer additions to an extremely long list of subscription boxes. If you’ve been paying attention to Viewster’s box since the first launched last year, then you know why people are so hyped over them Their first box provided an exclusive gold foiled copy of the Kill la Kill Volume 1 manga. And it seems they’ll try to add exclusives every other box.

Omakase is apparently testing bringing content from overseas to the States.

Omakase is apparently testing bringing content from overseas to the States.

THE GOOD: Omakase is one of two services; anime merchandise & anime streaming. Now I’m not sure how many subscribers are using Omakase for both features, but having the option to watch anime as well as getting physical content at a flat fee of $29 is a pretty sweet deal even if you aren’t using the streaming service. Omakase is going to be around for quite some time because it actually provides legitimate exclusives. There’s always a box that promises “exclusive content”, and the content turns out to not be as exclusive as promised, but thus far Omakase has delivered, especially their Naruto Shippuden box.

True delivery makes Omakase a win.

True delivery makes Omakase a win.

THE BAD: If I had to say anything was bad, it’s the usual risk of these boxes. Some months will be better than others.

Omakase is one of the best anime boxes out right now.

Omakase is one of the best anime boxes out right now.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Omakase really delivers as a premium anime subscription box. With a streaming service to enjy as well as excellent collectibles in the mail every two months, Omakase has already had a fairly strong first year. As long as they continue to provide physical content that collectors and fans will actually want, as well as true exclusives, they’ll continue to exist for an extremely long time. Otaku Dome gives Omakae’s January box an 95 out of 100.


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