Multimedia franchise Luck & Logic now has its own anime series produced by Doga Kubo. In the anime series Yoshichika Tsurugi lacks logic, an ability which grants those who possess it powers, however he soon meets the goddess Athena who possess the logic he should have lost.

Luck & Logic is an 2016 shounen anime series, it is produced by Doga Kubo, and licensed by Funimation, it is currently available on DVD & Blu-Ray in English.

Yoshichika (left) and Athena (right).

Originally launching as a trading card game, Luck & Logic has since attempting to become the next big phenomenon, being produced by five different companies, spanning an anime, manga, and much more Bushi Road seems to be succeeding in its plans. The anime while making nods to the card game seems to have its own (mostly) original story.

The Luck & Logic anime series fails to explain its source material.

THE GOOD: The series has an interesting enough premise and setting from the trading card game, which is some what explained in the anime, but it just isn’t really executed well, at least not in the first season.

A promotional anime series that fails to promote.

THE BAD: The anime has almost nothing to do with the TCG source material, at least that’s what it feels like watching. While “Logic Cards” and the like are brought up, it just feels completely thrown in randomly, and there’s a ton of pacing and story structure issues.

A lack of structure and pacing hurts more than helps Luck & Logic.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: While the premise is interesting, Luck & Logic ultimate fails to make an attractive effort at its anime adaption. Primed with problems from beginning to end, this one is either skippable or binge worthy to kill an afternoon’s worth of time. Otaku Dome gives Luck & Logic: Complete Series a 60 out of 100.





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